Department of SOC/ANT/CRJ - Dr. Beverley A. Smith

Degrees Earned:

Ph.D. (1996) & M.A. (1985) Michigan State University; B.A. (1980) Victoria College, University of Toronto.

Teaching Interests:

Introductory Archaeology, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Native Americans

Research Interests:

Analysis of Faunal Remains from Archaeological sites; Reconstruction of Subsistence systems; Nutritional Anthropology; Archaeology of Ritual and Exchange; Great Lakes Region from Archaic through Historic Period.

Recent Publications:

Smith, Beverley (2004) “The Gill Net's Native Country: the Inland Shore Fishery in Northern Lake Michigan Basin.” In: An Upper Great Lakes Archaeological Odyssey: essays in honor of Charles E. Cleland. Edited by W. Lovis. Cranbrook Institute of Science, West Bloomfield, MI. Chapter 5, pp. 64-84.

Smith, Beverley A. (2002) Book Review of: “Proto-Huron/Petun and Proto-St. Lawrence Iroquoian Subsistence as Culturally Defining" by Francis Stewart. Bulletin of the London Museum of Archaeology. Ontario Archaeology 70: 69-71.

Lovis, W. A., K. C. Egan-Bruhy, B. A. Smith, G. W. Monaghan (2001) “Wetlands and Emergent Horticultural Economies in the Upper Great Lakes: a New Perspective from the Schultz Site.” American Antiquity 66 (4): 615-632.

Smith, Beverley A. and Rosemary Prevec (2000) “Economic Strategies and Community Patterning at the Providence Bay Site, Manitoulin Island.” Ontario Archaeology 69: 76-91.

Recent Presentations:

2008 "The Seasonal Use of the Lowlands and Uplands of the Saginaw Valley in the Middle through Late Woodland Periods" with Kathryn C. Egan-Bruhy. Presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. October 18.

2006 "Illusions of Change: Middle to Late Woodland Subsistence-Settlement Patterns in the Saginaw Valley of Michigan" with Kathryn C. Egan. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2006 "Telling the Story of the First Nations of the Upper Great Lakes through Artifacts, Archaeology, and Historical Documents." Presented through Invitation at Dennos Museum. Traverse City, MI.

2003 “From Venison to Salt Pork: Reconstructing the Costs to Anishinabe Families in 19th Century Wisconsin.” Presented at the American Anthropological Association annual meeting. Chicago, Illinois. November 22.

2002 “Fishing Strategies in Northern Lake Michigan: a Comparison of Middle and Late Woodland periods.” Presented at the Canadian Archaeological Association Annual Meeting. Ottawa, Ontario. May 16.

2001 “Spatial Organization of Economic Activity at an Upper Great Lakes Contact Period Site.” Presented at the 66th Annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. New Orleans, LA. April 21.

2000 “Ritual Dog Burials and their Relation to Exchange and Ethnicity in the Late Precontact Upper Great Lakes.” Presented at the 65th Annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Philadelphia, PA. April 6.