Parking Violations

The Department of Public Safety issues parking violation tickets to vehicles parked in violation of Flint ordinances and university regulations. Parking enforcement is continuous for violators of handicap, fire zones, and prohibited parking areas. Permit violations are enforced with time restrictions throughout the year.

Once a parking violation is issued, the violation is turned over to the Flint Police Department and the 67th District Court. The 67th District Court has complete authority over the final disposition of all violations

What to do if I get a violation?
If you receive a parking violation, you can contest it or pay the fine.

To contest a parking violation:
Contact the 67th District Court at (810) 766-8968. You can call the Department of Public Safety for an explanation of the violation. Make an appointment at the 67th District Court to discuss the violation with the court magistrate.

To pay the violation:

  • If paying in person or by mail, your payment must be accompanies by your signed copy of the citation indicating you admit responsibility .
  • All payments must be paid to the court within 20 days from the date the citation was issued; thereafeter a $30 late fee will be added by the court.
  • Fines and costs not paid within 56 days of the due date are subject to an additional 20% late fee on the ampunt owed.

Credit cards are accepted in person or on the internet at Money Orders made payable to the 67th District Court. No personal checks are accepted.