Center for Educator Preparation

The CEP seeks to improve the experiences of education students by offering help with advising, certification, test preparation, workshops, outreach, and more.


The Department of Education prepares teachers and educational personnel who: understand and value the disciplines they teach; comprehend psychological principles and the variations of human development, behavior, potential that facilitates student learning, and more. For more information click more.

The Early Childhood Development Center

The Early Childhood Development Center is a ‘living laboratory’ where adults as well as children come to learn. We believe that we learn from the children just as much as they are learning from us. The program is designed to promote the development of the total individual by enhancing children's skills through play. Click more for more information about the ECDC.

Social Work

Social Work is a professional art, based on an eclectic, scientific body of theory, incorporating practice, knowledge, and skill, and fused to specific ethics with inherent social value assumptions. The profession is oriented toward helping in the resolution of diverse individual and social problems, the provision for meeting broad human and community needs, and [...]