Welcome to Student Government!

Are you interested in learning about Student Government here at the University of Michigan - Flint? You've come to the right place! What we, as student government, are about is making positiveforwardworthwhile, and impactful changes here on campus. What we as the student representatives  want to do is give a chance for every walk of life on campus to come out and join us at a variety of events as well including anyone and everyone into each of these events. We are here to empower your success and our goal here in SG is to serve you, the students. In order to advocate for you, we need to hear your issues and concerns. So if you ever have any issues and think we can help in anyway, please don’t hesitate to come by our office in UCEN 364.  If you can’t make it to the office, feel free to email us at sg@umflint.edu

- President Amged Eidelsafy & Vice-President Mike James