Funding Board

Allocated a portion of the budget to distribute to all registered voluntary student organizations.

SOPB (Student Organization and Partnership Board)

Approve and help create new student organizations as well as assisting student organizations with any issues and providing those student organizations with resources needed to be successful.

Student Relations

Student Relations serves as the middle-man between the students and student government to bring any arising issues to administration.

Foreign Outreach

Represents UM-Flint at the monthly student association of Michigan (SAM) conference by integrating new ideas learned at the conferences here on campus as well as bringing forth ideas to other student associations across Michigan.

Government and Legal Affairs

GLA looks at the internal policies of student government by making sure student government abides by rule, regulations, and code put into place by the administration.

University Affairs

University Affairs look at the policies of the university as a whole and implement or change current policies to benefit the student body.