Our Role

Our role is to establish and maintain effective communication and relationships with the student governments of other institutions and to attend and represent the University of Michigan - Flint in affairs regarding the Student Association of Michigan, the State of Michigan, and the United States Government.

What are we doing this semester?

Working with the Students Association of Michigan to help work on the sexual harassment policy by spreading awareness and safety across all campuses and advocating pressure on legislation. Also spreading awareness and advocating pressure on legislation for higher education and lowering the costs of tuition for students in public colleges.

Completed Projects

Voter registration awareness by handing out pamphlets and information, helping students register to vote

Director of Foreign Outreach

Abdelmajid Jondy

Senator Committee Members

Kyle Manley

Amanda Shanesy

Erick Jung

Zena Elkady 

The Student Association Of Michigan

The Student Association of Michigan (SAM), established in 2007, is Michigan’s only organization dedicated to representing the 300,000+ students in the state. During the academic year, our organization brings together representatives from the fifteen major public universities in Michigan to discuss the issues that matter most to students.

Click Here, to visit the Student Association of Michigan's website to learn all about SAM, what they do, and who they are.