Director of Financial Affairs

Michelle Cottrell -


Financial Affairs Committee Members


Brandon McIntyre

Amanda Shanesy -

Funding Board At Large Members:

Sally Guimond -

Matt Olah -

Funding Checklist

The following should be completed in regards to recieving funding from Funding Board

  • Read the Charter
  • Fill out the Application(Click Here)
  • Email the Director of Financial Affairs
  • Go to SFB Meeting
  • Pick up money from Cashiers
  • Return receipts
  • Email Director of Financial Affairs if you have any questions!


Regulations of Funding

The following are reasons a organization could be denied an allocation request due to the Funding Board Charter.

  1. “Funding a student organization more than three times an academic year; and
  2. Costs not related to the academic and/or co-curricular mission of the University or requesting student organization; and
  3. Alcohol or contraband; and
  4. Student housing or a fraternity or sorority, except for community service, professional-based activity, and/or philanthropic activity, and which must be properly publicized and open to all students;
  5. Direct monetary contribution to a non-profit or on behalf of a non-profit; and
  6. Support or opposition of a partisan political view, a religious doctrine or belief, or a candidate for public office that is not viewpoint neutral; and
  7. Gift certificates/cards; and
  8. Consultants; and
  9. Salary, stipend, tuition, and/or fees; and
  10. Membership fees.”

The above reasons for request denial are required in accordance with the Charter of Funding Board. The members of Funding Board reserve the right to deny a student organization funding for reasons other then those listed above.