Our Role

The Student Relations Committee is responsible for facilitating communication and dialog between and with, the student body, Student Government, media, University campus, and greater community; for organizing and implementing events and activities that promote and foster support for the students and the Student Government.

Director of Student Relations Committee

Mohammad Dlewati

Senator Committee Members

Zena Elkady

Noor Alawwa

Isatou Jallow

Christopher Essenmacher

UM-Flint Bus Shuttle Route and App

This year Student Government has been working with the MTA, Information and Technology Services, and the Department of Business and Finance and together we have achieved all three of our objectives:

  1. Update the bus shuttle route so as to better suit the needs of the students. 
  2. Create an app that shows the students where the bus is in real time and when it will be at each stop. 
  3. Provide students, primarily those living on campus, with a weekend bus service that would meet their needs for groceries and other necessities, shopping, and recreational outlet.

The new bus route can be seen in the map below. The app can be downloaded on any iPhone or Android device by visiting shuttle.umflint.edu or by searching for "Ride Systems" on the App Store/Play Store. 


MCAT Preparatory Course

If you are planning to take the MCAT, preparatory classes have been proven to boost your score. A MCAT preparatory course is now provided on campus: 

The weekend shuttle service

On Saturdays students can now go to Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills, MI by boarding the MTA bus that stops at 1st st. Residence Hall at 1:30 pm. This service is offered every week and is free when an M-card is presented to the driver. 

Students can return to Residence Hall from the bus stop at the mall in the same way and any hour they choose from 4:30 to 8:30 pm. 

Also every other Saturday (Saturday January 17 and 31, February 14 and 28, March 14 and 28, April 11 and 25) a bus to Meijer and Target will be available for students. This bus stops in front of the UM-Flint Recreational Center at 12:00 for the first trip. It arrives at Meijer at 12:20 and at Target at 12:30. The bus back to the University stops at Meijer at 1:30 and at Target at 1:40. After students are dropped off at the University at 2 the bus makes its second trip. Students who board the bus at 2:00 pm can be dropped off at Meijer at 2:20 or Target 2:30. The bus back to the University stops at Meijer at 3:30 and at Target at 3:40 and finally makes it back to the University at 4:00. This service is also free for students who present their M-card to the driver when boarding the bus.