About the School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS)

Health care is expanding at a rate never before seen. Driven by technological developments and an aging population, health care offers more career choices than any other industry. To best prepare you for a career in the multi-dimensional arena of health care, the degree programs of the School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS) blend a liberal arts education with dynamic professional experiences. This gives you a balanced, contemporary perspective of the many issues in health care, health care delivery models, factors influencing health, and health care professional/client relationships.

The University of Michigan-Flint has a long, distinguished history with a first-class academic reputation, and the School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS) reflects this long tradition of excellence. SHPS is an active part of the community, with over $9 million in external grants funding projects like HCOP, UM-FIND, and the Cultural Competencies Project that promote diversity in the health professions. With 60 FTE Faculty members, classes at SHPS are small and you'll have ample opportunities to interact with your instructors and fellow students. As you progress in your studies you'll take advantage of a wide selection of off-campus health care resources where you'll experience first-hand the exciting challenges and rewarding opportunities that await. You'll learn using contemporary tools and technology and when you graduate you'll enter the field with one of the most highly respected degrees in the nation - a University of Michigan diploma.

Mission and Vision

SHPS is a diverse community of learners and scholars.The faculty utilize best practices in teaching, scholarship, service and community engagement to educate highly qualified professionals to advance the health of local and global communities.

SHPS will be the college of choice for the advancement of health professions.

Values Statements:

Excellence: We strive to provide our students with exceptional teaching and meaningful engagement in scholarship and service to benefit our students in our respective local and global communities.

Diversity: We embrace diversity in all of its dimensions recognizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success.

Student-Centeredness: We are committed to enhancing the student learning experience through formal and informal educational opportunities and academic support services.

Integrity: We hold high standards of character and accountability as the foundations upon which the School/College is built; operating with fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards to sustain a community of trust.

Community Engagement: We engage our local and global communities in shared, purposeful, equitable collaborations which address identified needs leading to positive changes and sustainable outcomes.

Social Justice: We value and develop efforts that strive to reduce health disparities in our local and global communities.