Developing Nurses’ Cultural Competencies:
Evidence-Based and Best Practices

Cultural Competence Project Website


The University of Michigan-Flint in partnership with Madonna University, and with the support of the Transcultural Nursing Society and other organizations with missions that focus on developing cultural competencies, will provide online and face-to-face educational offerings for nurses to enhance their cognitive, affective, and psychomotor cultural competencies and develop their skills in addressing individuals, groups, and communities that are diverse, with special emphasis on those at risk for health disparities.


A series of educational offerings focused on developing cultural competencies using a train-the-trainer model will be provided. Faculty will include some of the foremost transcultural nursing leaders in the nation including authors of textbooks on the subject and other nursing experts on cultural competence.

A culturally competent nursing and health care workforce is needed to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices that will reduce, and ultimately eliminate, health disparities. The focus of the educational offerings will be on the relationship between nurses’ cultural competencies and the reduction or elimination of health disparities across the life span from infancy to old age.

Special emphasis will be given to the following Healthy People 2010 risk factors and health disparities: obesity, depression, low birth weight infants, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, and cancer. The project also will prepare nurses to become Certified Transcultural Nurses (CTN) and will provide extensive online, print, and audiovisual resources on cultural competence and health disparities.


Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Sessions


You are invited to serve as a Transcultural Nurse (TCN) trainer by sharing your knowledge of transcultural nursing and cultural competence with one or more of the following groups:
 • Nurses
 • Nurse Practitioners
 • Nursing Faculty
 • Nursing Students

To be eligible, you must:
1) Be a registered nurse,
2) Agree to train 5-10 others within 60 days of receiving training: (e.g. offer an in-service or development session for co-workers; give a presentation for members of your district or state nurses association and/or integrate content into a nursing course), and return a sign-in sheet of attendees of your training session to the below address,
3) Agree to return your individual completed end-of-training evaluation forms within 10 days of receiving training to CCP Staff

Project Flyer

TTT Registration Form