A message from our Dean!


Welcome to our University of Michigan-Flint’s School of Health Professions and Studies.  This is both an exciting and challenging time for the education of health professionals and healthcare reform in our country.  Our goal as a School is to best educate health professionals to improve the health status and wellbeing of the communities we serve, with a particular focus on underserved/disadvantaged populations.  In doing so we are committed to achieving educational excellence, cultural competence, and inter-professional teamwork, and to doing this better than anyone else!

Our School is composed of three departments: Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Public Health and Health Sciences which offer a wide array of health professions education programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. Some of our more recently added initiatives include the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program (with concentrations to prepare family, adult-gerontology, psychiatric-mental health, and acute care nurse practitioners), our new Ph.D. program in Physical Therapy, and our Masters in Public Health Program. We are also creating new inter-professional programs which will best address the increasing need of our health professionals in practice to work in truly integrated teams to best serve the numerous and varied needs of our communities. Our most recent initiative here is an emerging Health Navigation Program in partnership with the UM-Flint School of Education and Human Services, and which will educate professionals to assist individuals in navigating our complex and ever changing healthcare and health-related services environment.  Many of our programs require internship experiences. It is also worthy of note that our School has affiliation agreements with more than 600 clinics and health systems regionally, nationally, and globally.

Our Urban Health and Wellness Center provides outpatient primary care, physical therapy and health education services, helps us in three main ways:  serves disadvantaged and underserved patients,  provides an opportunity for students in our School to practice the skills they acquire in the classroom, and provides a venue to collaborate with other community agencies to reduce health disparities in Genesee County.  This setting thus provides us a critical “reality test” in that the Center sees, in microcosm key issues which are paramount to health promotion and healthcare in our nation. We view such challenges as excellent opportunities to bring together diverse talents and creative approaches towards reducing health disparities and practically improving health. In so doing, we progress as a School with scholarship, curricular reforms, and innovations to educate future health professionals.  

You can help us with our mission by becoming one of our students, joining our faculty and staff, and also contributing financial resources to scholarships and other School initiatives.  We aim to provide an excellent return on your investment.

Join us and become part of the future of health professions education!

Sincerely yours,
David Gordon, M.D, Dean
School of Health Professions and Studies