Student Appeals & Academic Standards Policies

Student Appeals Committee

The School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS) is an instructional unit of the University of Michigan-Flint (the University).  The purpose of the Committee is to provide an avenue for appeal for any student covered under this policy, who feels she/he has been unfairly treated resulting in a perceived need for alteration of a SHPS departmental action.

The policies and procedures othe SHPS Student Appeals Committee shall be consistent with powers granted by the SHPS Faculty Code with respect to the functions and authority of the Committee.  Such powers include the establishment of additional procedures by the Committee, which are not in conflict with the procedures identified in the SHPS Student Appeals Committee Policy & Procedures manual.

The Student Appeals cover sheet must be properly completed and accompany a formal letter of appeal to the Chair of the Student Appeals Committee.  Completion of this form will help to expedite the appeal process.

SHPS SAC Policy & Procedures Manual
SHPS Student Appeals Form
SHPS Last 30hr Exemption Form

Academic Standards Committee

The SHPS Academic Standards Committee (ASC) acts for the SHPS governing faculty in matters relating to academic standards.  Consistent with Regents By-Laws, Section 5.03 and the Principles of Faculty Involvement in Institutional and Academic Governance of the University of Michigan, its jurisdiction is the academic program, including general education, of students who have been admitted to SHPS.

The function of this committee is the maintenance of academic standards of SHPS.  The committee will meet as necessary to review student petitions and related matters and shall act for the SHPS governing faculty to review those academic deficiencies which fall below UM-Flint minimum standards.

Students from SHPS programs with established policies and procedures to determine academic discipline are under the jurisdiction of their respective departments unless the students’ academic performance falls below the UM-Flint minimum standards.

SHPS Academic Standards Policy & Procedure Manual
Student Petition Form