M-Healthy at SHPS

SHPS Scavenger Hunt Event!

The SHPS Scavenger Hunt took place on June 5th and much fun was had by all. Four teams representing Nursing, PHHS, PT, and the Dean’s Office gathered at the Dean’s Office to receive a healthy recipe with six ingredients along with their first clue. The Mission = find six pictures of each of their ingredients to complete their shopping lists for their recipes. 

The Nursing team arrived, all decked in yellow ready to find their ingredients to make a trail mix, consisting of someyummy nuts and dried fruits. Next was the Dean’s Office, who were wearing of the green and anxious to get their items to make a healthy veggie salad. On came the PHHS department in the red corner, who sent a representative to grab their list of healthy items for their fruit salad. Finally, last but not east, came the P.T. representative whose orange team would be looking for items to put into their smoothies.  


  The clues were cleverly crafted, the teams stretched and paced, then stood ready at the starting line to begin the hunt. The whistle blew at 9:00 a.m., and they were off!! From the 4th floor to the 1st floor, teams scattered and flew. Up and down, outside and inside, riddles took them all over searching for those ingredients. And… in 26 minutes, the first to arrive with all of their ingredients in hand were the Dean’s Office, just a smidge ahead of a tenacious Nursing team, waving their items as they raced in the door.


Congratulations to the Dean’s Office team for a well-run race. Consolation prizes were awarded to each team for their valiant efforts. Again, thanks to all of you who participated, making this a fun and healthy adventure! 

                                 Stay tuned for the next SHPS M-Healthy event coming to a place near you!