SHPS Student Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a student in the School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS) and wish to volunteer to assist with water crisis events, please utilize the contact methods listed below.  

Genesee County Health Department

  • Nursing Department for blood lead level testing events:
    • Contact Veronica Robinson at
    • Public Health and Health Sciences Department for work at fire stations and mobile unit for outreach and education
    • Contact Shan Parker at

American Red Cross – contact them directly as stated below:

  • to volunteer directly with the American Red Cross for bottled water and water testing kit distribution, etc.

Non SHPS students should contact Office of University Outreach at 810-424-5486 or Paula Nas at to learn about volunteer opportunities.

SHPS Community Involvement

The School of Health Professions and Studies is addressing the Flint water crisis through a variety of educational and service oriented efforts:


The Public Health and Health Sciences Department is offering a course for students and community members on issues related to the Flint water crisis.  The course is available to UM-Flint students as a one-credit course and is free to the public.  The course was developed to provide a quality venue for presentation of scholarly information on the water crisis and to invite discussion of this critical problem.  Course topics include:

  • What happened? How did we get here? Setting the stage, a History of Flint.
  • Public Health and Water Safety
  • Science of Water Delivery
  • Health implications of the Flint water crisis

To register for course topics, and receive information about the course content and schedule, visit

Public Health and Health Sciences students have worked with the Genesee County Health Department to provide education on lead exposure to the public at water distribution sites across the city of Flint.


Nursing Department faculty and students have dedicated significant time in assisting the Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) with blood lead level screening and provision of brief lead education sessions for the public.  Nursing faculty have advised the GCHD on community health nursing efforts to address the Flint water crisis.


Physical Therapy faculty and students have assisted elders in the Flint community in managing their water bottle supply.


In addition, many faculty and students have assisted in water and water filter distribution through a variety of community organizations.