Social Media at UM-Flint

The story of the University of Michigan-Flint cannot be told in a single voice. Through social media, we invite students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to help us capture and portray the total UM-Flint experience—not just as we describe it, but as it can only be expressed by people who are part of it. Social media channels allow us to reinforce the UM-Flint brand with engaging content and an ongoing conversation. Today, like never before, there is an opportunity to engage, interact with, influence, and learn from our audiences.

UM-Flint's official social media accounts can be found on Facebook, Twitter, SnapchatInstagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These accounts are managed by University Relations. If you have been authorized to create a social media account on behalf of your UM-Flint department or program, please consult the UM-Flint Brand Toolkit to be sure you’re following visual identity guidelines. Please also contact University Relations to ensure coordination with other UM-Flint social media accounts and content.

Every social media account associated with UM-Flint is a reflection of the university, and helps shape the brand for our audience. We invite you to meet with Andrea Eveslage and also review the University of Michigan's Social Media Guidelines before initiating a social media plan for your department or program.