Program Policies

Students wishing to concentrate in social work must indicate their intention by completing a Social Work Program application form.

The applicant will be assigned a social work advisor and will be permitted to enroll in upper division social work classes.

In order to be formally admitted to the social work program, a student must:

  • Have completed 45 credit hours of course work with a minimum GPA of 2.40.
  • Have completed SWK 200 and a 300 level SWK course with a minimum letter grade of "C" in each course (students must maintain a grade of "C" or better in all social work courses). A transcript must be provided.
  • Demonstrate competency in written and oral communication (student must complete ENG111 and 112 with a minimum grade of "C" in each course). Students transferring credit for ENG111 and 112 from other institutions may be required to complete a writing competency exam administered by the English Department.
  • Prepare a 2 to 4 page typed evaluative statement of interest, readiness, and suitability for a career in social work. The statement must include biographical data, employment information, and volunteer experience. The purpose of this self evaluation is: to demonstrate competency in written expression of the English language and to reflect the applicant's commitment to the goals and purposes of social work.
  • Sign the statement indicating that you have read and will be guided by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Work.
  • Provide at least two letters of reference detailing scholarly potential, general character, and interest in social work practice. If the student is transferring from another social work program in another institution, one letter must come from a social work faculty member at the previous institution.


Students transferring course-work from another accredited social work program will be expected to provide the Social Work Program Admissions Committee with the names of two references from the program as well as written permission to contact those references.

Gatekeeping is the process of determining whether a student should enter the social work profession or not. Gatekeeping is the responsibility of social work faculty. In addition to the above criteria, disclosure may be necessary to determine suitability for particular direct service areas.

This will be determined after an admissions decision, but prior to a field placement assignment. This process may include questions regarding: (a) current alcohol and or substance abuse dependency problems and treatment; (b) current emotional problems and/or mental illness and treatment; and (c) conviction of any felony, or misdemeanor that involved bodily harm to another.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the decision of the Social Work Program Admissions Committee. There are four possible outcomes of this admission process:

  1. Unconditional acceptance to the program.
  2. Conditional acceptance to the program. In this case, the applicant will be notified of specific areas which, in the professional judgment of the Social Work Program Admissions Committee, needs improvement and/or correction. This conditional admission does presume that the condition will be resolved by the end of the following semester.
  3. Delayed decision. The applicant will be notified of specific conditions that must be met before admission will be reconsidered. This does not presume the condition (s) will be resolved by the end of the following semester.
  4. Denial. The applicant will be notified of a specific reason for rejection of his/her application for admission.


Application Packet Submission Deadlines Are:

October 15 for Fall Semester

Februrary 15 for Winter Semester

The application packet should consist of:

(1) a signed program application form;

(2) the personal statement;

(3) two reference letters; and

(4) a copy of your transcript (that can be secured from your file in the social work office).

The time limit for completion of the Bachelors degree in Social Work is generally regarded as six years from time of admission to the Social Work Program. Courses taken within a period of six years prior to this date of admission may be accepted with proper documentation. The Department of Social Work may consider courses taken more than six years prior to admission for acceptance if the student demonstrates an appropriate level of competency. The format for determining competency is at the discretion of the instructor who is currently teaching that content area at the time of the request. The instructor will make a recommendation to the department.

Outdated Work and Non Continuous Enrollment:

Due to the changing and evolving nature of the social work profession, it is important that students remain continuously enrolled in the social work program once they have been admitted and are taking course work toward their social work degree. Students who interrupt enrollment for one year or longer must be formally readmitted to the program. Additionally, any course work that is taken in the social work degree program that is more than six years old must be re-taken. Students who interrupt their program during the field placement will have to be readmitted to field education. Students who stop in December may have to begin a field placement prior to the start of the regular Winter semester.