Substance Abuse Treatment Minor

Whether you decide to be a teacher, nurse, mental health clinician, psychologist, criminal justice professional, or social worker you can count on working with issues caused directly, or indirectly, from substance abuse. We developed this minor to prepare you for the State of Michigan's Certified Addictions Counselor certification. This minor is taught completely online, which allows for flexibility around your class or work schedule. Classes are offered online (5 classes) and over three semesters with two classes in the Fall semester, two classes in the Winter semester, and one class in the Spring semester.  If you want a minor that leaves you with something real to give back to the world, consider our substance abuse treatment courses!

This minor is organized to completment any concentration, for preparation for entry level practice in the field of substance abuse treatment and to provide an additional certification for those who have already graduated and/ or are interested in substance abuse treatment and prevention.

Please note the following update: There are currently five required SAT courses for the minor. SAT 430 is offered infrequently as an elective.