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School of Management Advisory Board


Advisory Board

The UM-Flint School of Management Advisory Board provides an added dimension to the School of Management (SOM) in its ongoing efforts to maintain and develop forward looking programs of teaching, research, and service.  The Advisory Board is free to exercise the skills and experience of its members in anticipating and examining new societal and business directions, community developments and needs.  The Advisory Board has no supervisory or oversight responsibilities.  Therefore, its members maintain an objective and broad point of view in the pursuit of excellence in the programs of the School. 


  1. To assist the SOM in building relationships with community business, cultural and governmental leaders.
  2. To provide good relations and an accurate and current image of the SOM within the community.
  3. To serve in an advisory role to the dean and the faculty of the SOM, and thus provide a mechanism through which key issues can be anticipated, explored, analyzed, and evaluated from a variety of differing viewpoints.
  4. To support the School of Management through participation in Board related activities and to offer financial support to the School. 


Membership of the Advisory Board shall consist of 15 to 25 members selected primarily from the Southeastern Michigan region.  Members shall be selected to provide a broadly representative cross section of business activity within the region.  The Dean of the School of Management is an ex-officio member of the Board.  New members and officers shall be nominated by the Dean, and elected by the Advisory Board. This process may occur at a board meeting or at other times using electronic correspondence (email).  Board members are expected to participate in at least one board meeting per year, either by phone or in person, to remain in good standing. 


Members shall serve for a term of three fiscal years (July 1 to June 30) and may be re-appointed for additional terms.  After a member has served two terms, he/she may be re-appointed again, but preferably only after a lapse in membership.  The initial terms of service shall be staggered to ensure continuity.


The Advisory Board shall have two officers:  A Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson.  They shall be elected in the spring, effective July 1, for a two-year term.


The Advisory Board shall hold at least two meetings per year; one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  Specific items for consideration at any meeting shall be provided with the agenda, prior to the meeting, in order that all members may duly consider the matters to be discussed. 


A. The standing committees of the SOM Advisory Board, and their general  functions, shall be as follows:

Development and Membership Committee

  • Recruit and nominate viable and enthusiastic members for the Board.
  • Coordinate an orientation session annually for new members.
  • Plan recognition gifts for those exiting the Advisory Board.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Development to achieve cultivation and fundraising goals for the School.
  • Support stewardship efforts of the School by building relationships with donors and recognizing donors for their support.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Identify important issues facing the business community and business leaders and facilitate a dialogue on these issues for possible inclusion in the strategic plan.
  • Review the Strategic Plan and provide suggestions for updates.   
  • Collaborate with the Dean on special assignments as needed.


External Partnerships and Marketing Committee

  • Review and provide recommendations related to the marketing goals of the School.
  • Collaborate with School marketing efforts to enhance communication between alumni, external partners, students, faculty, and the broader community to create opportunities and build the SOM brand. 
  • Support and expand the efforts of the School of Management Alumni Network.

Curriculum and Student Professional Development Committee

  • Review and provide recommendations related to the curriculum for the School and offer suggestions about the core courses, new courses, and possible revisions to minors, sequences, and majors.
  • Collaborate with the School about recruitment and retention of students.
  • Facilitate internships, pre-professional opportunities and hiring of students by enhancing partnerships with employers.
  • Identify important soft skills needed by graduates and offer ideas about how to build awareness and competence of such skills by SOM students. 


Ad-hoc committees may be appointed by the Advisory Board to address specific issues and will report back to the Board as requested. 



Approved April 29, 2014 by the SOM Advisory Board

Revision approved April 28, 2015


Teresa Irland Munley
Advisory Board Chair
Senior Vice President, Retired Bank of America

Michael J. Burke, Jr.

President CSB Bank

Winfield L. Cooper III

Advisory Board Vice Chair

President Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd.
Britain Butcher Director of Ecommerce Coffee Beanery
Jim Carney Vice President Chemical Bank
Cathleen Hale Engineer Champion Bus
Clifford H. Hart Attorney Law Office of Clifford H. Hart
Janice Karcher
Vice President
Flint & Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce
Greg Laurence Associate Professor of Management and Faculty Representative School of Management
Ken Leslie
Managing Partner
Plante & Moran, PLLC
Preston Means President/CEO Accu-Shape Die Cutting, Inc.
Bryce Moe Director Skypoint Ventures
Larry Nichols
Executive in Residence/Consultant
University of Michigan - Flint
John Potbury Genessee County Prosecutor Genessee County
Ghassan K. Saab General Manager Saab Management Group
Sheila Smith
SOM Alumna
Melissa Stephens-Farrell Development and Alumni Relations, SOM University of Michigan-Flint
David G. Stickel
First Merit Bank
Rick Tromble Entrepreneur Tromble Farms
Paul Wenstrom First Vice President - Investments Merrill Lynch
For information or questions please contact the Executive Secretary to the Dean.
Updated Spring 2016


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Development and Membership Committee

Cliff Hart
Teri Irland Munley
Ken Leslie, Chair
Melissa Stephens-Farrell
Rick Tromble


Strategic Planning Committee

Michael Burke
Jim Carney
Win Cooper, Chair
Scott Johnson
Ghassan Saab


External Partnerships and Marketing Committee

Janice Karcher , Co-Chair
Preston Means, Co-Chair
Bryce Moe
John Potbury
Sheila Smith
David Stickel


Curriculum and Student Professional Development Committee

Britain Butcher
Greg Laurence (Faculty Representative)
Cathleen Hale
Larry Nichols, Chair
Paul Wenstrom