While the classroom teaches students about business; an internship puts those lessons into practice in a professional environment. Internships provide you with the opportunity to research a potential career path or industry by exploring your career interest first-hand.  With this valuable insight you can make, informed career decisions about whether a field or industry being the right fit for you.

Find out what it’s like working in an office, interacting with supervisors, co-workers, and engaging with real customers or clients. 


Gain Valuable Work Experience

For most job openings, applicants are expected to have a related degree and work experience. Internships help you gain this hands-on experience while still in school. This is also a great way to generate more work samples for your professional portfolio and provide real stories of accomplishments for your resume and job interviews.


Create Your Own Competitive Advantage

Having experience can give you the edge over many candidates that you will be competing against for a position. Completing an internship gives you more credibility to the skills and experiences you have gained and grants access to professionals whom you can use as references.

NACE Benchmarks

97 percent of responding employers plan to recruit student interns in 2014


Transition into a Career

An internship can also lead to a job offer. Although this is not guaranteed, companies will often use their internship program as a potential hiring pool for full-time opportunities.

NACE Benchmarks

Recruiting new hires is the primary focus of internship programs according to 77.6 percent of employers

65 percent of employers made full time offers to their interns in 2013


Expand Your Network

Networking is one of the best ways to land a new job and a primary way to learn about unadvertised job opportunities. While taking part in an internship, you will meet a number of professional contacts and make your name known.


Gain Confidence

Feeling confident about your experience and your self-image will help you when interviewing for jobs in the future.


Earn Academic Credit, Money or BOTH

To enroll in the Business Internship Program, the student must meet with Antonio Riggs, Student Service Coordinator, complete the required forms and meet requirements below appropriate to you academic level.


  • Admission in BBA Program
  • Good academic standing 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Completed 55 academic credits
  • Admission into MBA or MSA program
  • Good Academic Standing 5.0 GPA or higher



Every organization, profession, and circumstance has its own individual and specific needs, yet all can benefit from the presence of an intern. Student interns can bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, enthusiasm, and an extra pair of hands to your company or office.  

Benefits to Employers
  • Gain cost-effective personnel - Student interns are usually compensated, but do not require expensive benefits
  • Develop qualified candidates for full-time employment
  • Utilize interns with specific skills for special projects
  • Free up current employees to take on special projects while your intern(s) handles routine responsibilities
  • Improved employee retention
  • Brand your organization as one that helps train tomorrow’s workforce
Internship Consideration

If you are considering an intern for your company or organization you should outline the following items:

  • Goals of your internship position
  • Funding for internship position
  • Identify personnel to act as mentor/supervisor
  • Opportunities to engage the intern in activities beyond work responsibilities
  • Evaluation of internship outcomes
Creating an Internship Program

By creating an internship program, you build a pipeline of qualified and talented candidates for future hiring. Partnering with the School of Management to develop a program that regularly places interns in your company to gain employer benefits listed above.

To obtain more information on setting up an effective internship program, with the School of Management contact Antonio Riggs, Student Service Coordinator, at or 810.237.6680.
More information about developing and internship program is also available at: Employer Internship Toolkit.
Internship Resources

The School of Management hosts several events throughout the year to assist with your recruitment efforts. Major recruitment events on-campus include the School of Management, Employer Marketplace and the university wide Career Fair! But this doesn’t mean you have to wait for an event to begin recruiting.

Recruiting students is easy!!! “Get started now” by completing the steps below: 

  • Create an account or login to Career Connection
  • Post the job opportunity
  • Review resume of student applicants
Benefit of Using Career Connections

Market opportunities to over 18,000 registered students and alumni  

  • Student can apply using the system
  • Set-up/schedule interviews
  • Unlimited job posting ability
  • Posting are recorded and archived
  • Recycle job posting as needed
  • Free to access resumes of student and alumni
  • Direct connections with Advisors to assist in your recruitment needs