Welcome to the University of Michigan!  Congratulations for being admitted to one of the University of Michigan-Flint Graduate Business Programs.  This orientation page will provide you information to help ease your transition into Graduate Business School. 

On this page you will find on-campus orientation dates for the Fall and Winter semesters.  Students completing the online orientation can also attend an in person orientation.  The online orientation is REQUIRED for students starting in the Spring and Summer semesters.  The online orientation will provide you information about the program, have you take a quiz and give you numerous resources to help you become successful. These resources are expanded upon within this Orientation webpage.    

Getting Started

Degree Requirements

Each graduate business program has Foundation courses that can potentially be waived, reducing the number of courses needed to graduate. There are three criteria used to issue a waiver:

  1. The equivalent course(s) must have been taken within the last ten years
  2. What grade(s) were received in the course(s). If the school was AACSB accredited, the students needs B or better. If the school was non-AACSB accredited, the students needs a B+ or better.
  3. The student must have completed the course(s) prior to be accepted into one of the graduate business programs.

To review your Foundation waivers, log into SIS. Select:

- Student Services

- Student Record

- My Degree Plan

- Look for the Green Check Box with Waived & Course number. Example. Waived ACC 521.

If you believe you should have waived a course and do not see it, please email your academic advisor or Craig Gomolka, cgomolka@umich.edu and we can review your transcripts again.

Campus Residency Sessions

The building entrance is unlocked Monday-Friday 9am-7pm. If you need to enter the building during the off hours or on the weekend you will need to swipe your Mcard to enter. If you enter through the parking garage skywalk then you will need to swipe your Mcard to enter that way.


Online Orientation

For students admitted in the Spring and Summer semesters, you must complete the online orientation; but you also have the opportunity to attend a Fall or Winter on-campus orientation, should you wish to do so, please contact the SOM office at 810-762-3160. 

Online Orientation

For students admitted in the Fall and Winter semesters, it is recommended that you attend the on-campus orientation; but you do have the option to complete the orientation online. 



Registration begins at 8:00AM


1 Riverfront Center,
2200 Riverfront,
Flint, MI 48502

On-Campus Orientation Dates

Check in at the SOM main office in 2200 Riverfront Center.

Semester Orientation Date
Fall 2018 August 24, 2018
Winter 2019 December 14, 2018
Fall 2019 August 23, 2019
Winter 2020 December 13, 2019

Orientation Agenda


To pay the enrollment deposit online using the Student Information System (SIS):
  • If you have not already, go to http://my.umflint.edu to set up your uniqname and UMID; click on Account in the upper right corner and then Login.  From here, you will select New Student.
  • Log into SIS: https//sis.umflint.edu with your uniqname
  • Access the New Students Menu
  • Click Pay Graduate Enrollment Deposit
  • Select your program from the dropdown list, and click submit
  • Complete the credit card information to pay the fee and submit the enrollment deposit payment

For other options, please review the Enrollment Deposit page. 



Textbooks and materials

All Students:

Students will always need to purchase their own textbooks. Students can find course materials and textbooks for courses at the University of Michigan-Flint Bookstore. Books come with ISBN numbers so that students can purchase the correct book edition. Please contact Anna Swartz (Email, 810-762-3160) to arrange pick up of your School of Management bag, padfolio, and name tent for class.




Blackboard is our online learning environment, where faculty present course content to students, including syllabus, announcemnts, documents, test, discussion boards, and more.


Library Resources
Liaison Coordinator & Reference Librarian (Business Liaison)
  Vera Kay Anderson
  Phone: 810.762.3413
Parking Pass and UMID

During your first residency session, you will need to pick up your parking pass and University of Michigan ID