• 12 credit hours
  • No GMAT required
  • Offered in the Net+ Format
  • Net+ is a mixed-mode format that blends the personal interaction of traditional classroom activities with the convenience of online learning.  Net+ is designed to be accessible to busy professionals from a wide geographic area.  While 60% of coursework for each course is completed online, the program features 40% of the coursework within two weekend (Friday/Saturday) on-campus residencies session per semester.  The weekend residencies sessions focus on the interaction between student-student and student-professor.  The interactions are enhanced through lectures/group discussions, debates, simulations, guest speakers, team-based lessons and presentations, plus many other engaging activities.
  • Develop a more focused skill set in the area of study
  • Earn a University of Michigan Certificate

The demand for CPAs and all accountants continues to increase, especially for individuals who hold advanced accounting degrees. The Post-Master’s Certificate in Accounting provides professionals in accounting fields an advanced understanding of concepts and essential skills of today's accounting practices.

Please refer to the online catalog for the Post Master's Graduate Certificate in Business requirements.



The Post-Master’s Certificate in Finance is designed to prepare students for professional positions requiring graduate level degrees in finance and assists students in preparing for professional finance certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the Federal Financial Management Certificate Program (FFMCP), and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Please refer to the online catalog for the Post Master's Graduate Certificate in Business requirements.



The International Business certificate provides students a greater understanding of the global economy, its impact on various key industries, international financial market systems and corporate financial strategies, and the latest theories in applying marketing science in the international business arena. Students completing the International Business certificate become more attractive to potential employers operating in the global marketplace.

Please refer to the online catalog for the Post Master's Graduate Certificate in Business requirements.



A Post-Master’s Certificate in Marketing is designed to give professionals in the marketing industry an in-depth understanding of concepts and skills essential in advanced marketing and branding practices. The Marketing certificate focuses on contemporary issues and future concerns, and prepares students for global strategic marketing and management positions.

Please refer to the online catalog for the Post Master's Graduate Certificate in Business requirements.


Organizational Leadership

A Post-Master’s Certificate in Organizational Leadership will be valuable to students who are seeking to deepen their understanding of management and leadership processes. It is relevant for students who are or will be in managerial or leadership positions. The Certificate focuses on leadership issues from a variety of perspectives. Specifically, courses examine major frameworks and contemporary issues in leadership, address how leaders effectively make decisions and resolve conflict through negotiating with others, and explore the role of a leader in bringing about organizational change.

Please refer to the online catalog for the Post Master's Graduate Certificate in Business requirements.



Post-Master's Certificate

A Post-Master’s Certificate is available in each of the areas of Accounting, Finance, International Business, Marketing and Organizational Leadership.  The Certificate is intended primarily for individuals who are interested in learning more advanced concepts in these areas after completion of an MBA or equivalent degree.  Students apply through the Office of Graduate Programs, and are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Courses in the Certificate have prerequisites which must be completed, if not already taken as part of the prior MBA or equivalent degree.  Students may not waive or transfer courses into the certificate program.  Specific details can be found in the Catalog. Program listings for the Post-Master's Certificate can be found at the bottom of the page. 



Four courses (12 credits) from:

  • ACC 530 - Intermediate Financial Reporting (3).
  • ACC 535 - Financial Reporting Special Topics (3).
  • ACC 538 - Advanced Financial Reporting (3).
  • ACC 545 - Seminar in Management Accounting (3).
  • ACC 550 - Individual Federal Income Taxation (3).
  • ACC 555 - Advanced Federal Income Taxation Theory and Research (3).
  • ACC 562 - Forensic Accounting (3).
  • ACC 565 - Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Systems and Control (3).
  • ACC 575 - Auditing and Assurance Services (3).
  • ACC 580 - Advanced Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting and Financial Reporting (3).
  • FIN 567 - Financial Statement Analysis (3).



Four courses (12 credits) from:

  • FIN 564 - Investments Analysis and Portfolio Management (3).
  • FIN 565 - Financial Engineering and Risk Management (3).
  • FIN 566 - International and Global Financial Management (3).
  • FIN 567 - Financial Statement Analysis (3).
  • FIN 568 - Financial Markets and Institutions (3).


International Business

Four courses (12 credits) from:

  • FIN 566 - International and Global Financial Management (3).
  • MKT 536 - International and Global Marketing Management (3).
  • INB 580 - Faculty-Led International Business Study Abroad (3).
  • INB 586 - International Business Law (3).
  • INB 588 - Global Strategy (3).


  • MKT 532 - Marketing Strategy (3).
  • MKT 533 - Advanced Consumer Behavior (3).
  • MKT 536 - International and Global Marketing Management (3).
  • MKT 537 - Digital Marketing (3).


Organizational Leadership

Four courses (12 credits), to include:

One from:

  • MGT 501 - Organizational Communication and Negotiations (3).
  • MGT 542 - Strategic Human Resource Management (3). (if MGT 501 or an equivalent course has been completed with a grade of B (3.0) of better)
  • MGT 546 - Advanced Negotiation: Theory and Practice (3).
  • MGT 548 - Leading Organizational Change (3).
  • MGT 549 - Contemporary Issues in Leadership (3).


Program Costs

In-State Tuition                         Out-of-State Tuition

$777.50 per credit hour                           $969.00 per credit hour 

School of Management Fee

Net+ fee ~ $446 per course

Office of Extended Learning Fees

Mixed-mode fee ~ $93 per course

Online course fee ~ $46 per credit hour

University Fees

Registration Assessment ~ Covers, but is not limited to, student services such as technology, student organizations/engagement, club sports, and recreation center ~ $227 per semester

Please note: Students taking a Net+ course will pay Net+, mixed-mode, and University fees. Students taking an evening course will pay University fees. Students taking an online course will pay online course and University fees. 

Estimated Program CostS (in-State)

If all your courses are: 

Net+ ~ $11,960 (in-state)

Estimated Program CostS (out-of-State)

If all your courses are: 

Net+ ~ $14,238 (out-of-state)



Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice by action of the University of Michigan Board of Regents.  Last updated: 7/26/2019



To be considered for admission, submit the following to the Office of Graduate Programs, 251 Thompson library:

  • Fall Semester: August 1
  • Winter Semester: November 15
  • Spring Semester: March 15
  • Summer Semester: May 15


Admission to the Post-Master’s Certificate program is open to qualified graduates with an MBA or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university.