Retention rates

(definded as students who graduated or returned the next semester)

BBA: 82%

MBA: 93%

MSA: 84%

Graduation rates

BBA: 58% (4-year), 65% (5-year)

MBA: 69% (2-year), 84% (3-year)

MSA: 76% (2-year), 83% (3-year)

Employment of graduates; % employed six months after graduation 

BBA: 84%

MBA: 87%


Average Salary of graduates

BBA: $49,800

MBA: $95,000


Percentages meeting/exceeding learning objectives


Discipline knowledge:

               Accounting ETS score: 75th percentile

               Finance ETS score: 85th percentile

               Marketing ETS score: 61st percentile

               Quantitative ETS score: 48th percentile   

               Management ETS score: 70th percentile

               Economics ETS score: 52nd percentile

               International ETS score: 85th percentile

               Legal ETS score: 80th percentile

Ethics-based reasoning: 97%

Oral communication:99%

Written communication: 100%

Group work: 92%

Data analysis: 97%

Theory application: 89%

Data synthesis: 96%

Solution: 100%

Spreadsheet technology: 97%

Presentation technology: 100%

Internet: 91%

Diversity: 94%



Discipline knowledge:

               Managerial accounting ETS score: 92th percentile

               Finance ETS score: 97th percentile

               Marketing ETS score: 90th percentile

               Management ETS score: 96th percentile

               Strategy ETS score: 89th percentile

Ethics-based reasoning: 89%

Oral communication:90%

Written communication: 100%

Group work: 99%

Data analysis: 91%

Theory application: 95%

Data synthesis: 100%

Solution: 100%

Diversity: 89%



Discipline knowledge:

               Financial Acc.: 97%

               Managerial Acc.: 100%

               Auditing: 100%

               Taxation: 100%

               Gov. & non-profit Acc.: 100%

               Acc. Info. Systems: 95%

Written communication: 67%

Research: 88%

Ethics-based decisions: 100%

Incoming standardized test scores:

BBA ACT score: 20.9

MBA GMAT score: 503

MSA GMAT score: 491

Average GPA at graduation:

BBA: 3.23

MBA: 3.79

MSA: 3.74


In the 2015 NASBA Report, the passing percent for first-time CPA test takers for University of Michigan-Flint was 59.4%.  This percentage means that we are ranked in the top 9 out of 29 schools reporting information in the state of Michigan.