About Staff Assembly and Staff Council

Staff Assembly was formed following a task force study in 1990.

Staff Assembly consists of three groups:

The Staff Assembly and the Staff Council stimulate and maintain a spirit of unity and open communication between the University Support Personnel and the Administration of the University of Michigan-Flint.

Our Charter establishes the guidelines for procedures under which these bodies will function.


Provide open communication with the campus between staff and administration.
Be the voice to the Administration for channeling concerns by suggesting proposals and solutions with input from the Staff Assembly.

The Staff Council strives to involve staff in order to stimulate and maintain a spirit of unity as colleagues in all departments within our campus community.


The Staff Assembly Charter outlines our organizational structure and mission of service.
Check out our recent accomplishments to get a feel for staff assembly activities.
All Staff Council meetings are open to all staff.
View the Staff Council Calendar of Events.
Read the Staff Council Brochure (PDF).

Your participation as members of staff assembly in the many opportunities available will greatly contribute to the improvement of our campus work environment.