Successes, Concerns, and Campus Committees

Recent Accomplishments

Aiding Implementation of Strategic Plan Priority #3: Expand Staff Professional Development

Accomplishments include: adding the Director of Human Resources as ex-officio on Staff Council to facilitate better communication between staff and Office of Human Resources; taking deliberate steps to make membership of Staff Council more representative of all types of units on campus (academic, student affairs, and business and finance); making a concerted effort to include more staff members on decision-making committees.

Initiated Staff Council Information Sessions

Based on discussions council members had with each other and within their respective units, three ideas emerged that all agreed could benefit from more explanation and awareness via lunchtime info sessions: 

  1. Life-Long Learning: UM-Flint Staff as Students
  2. UM-Flint's Dependent Child Tuition Program
  3. UM-Flint's Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment Policy

All three sessions were well-attended and received excellent feedback in post-session evaluations

Helped Plan and Fund New Lactation Room

Staff Council led the effort to establish a lactation room connected to the women's restroom on the 2nd floor of the Harding Mott University Center. Staff Council, the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, and the Women's Educational Center all contributed to the $5,000 renovation. Vickie Larsen has volunteered to decorate the space with repurposed furnishings.

Establishment of Formal Working Relationship with Faculty Council

At the March 20, 2013 Governing Faculty meeting, a motion was adopted which states, in part:

"In an effort to further the future of the University, Faculty Council commits to engage with Staff Council to identify shared interests and further shared efforts to this effect…"

The initial joint effort is focusing on issues related to "current and future roles of citizenship and leadership at UM-Flint."

Streamlining of Annual United Way Campaign by Utilizing Technology

Staff Council and United Way CEO Jamie Gaskin have collaborated to establish a new electronic process for future UM-Flint United Way campaigns, eliminating paper pledge forms.


    ▪    Established Staff Council budget
    ▪    Improved communication between staff, faculty, administration, and students
    ▪    Improved tuition reimbursement procedures
    ▪    Improved building evacuation procedures
    ▪    Increased community involvement
    ▪    Leadership Flint Staff Scholarship
    ▪    Recreation Building membership for retirees
    ▪    Release time for Staff Council sponsored functions
    ▪    Representation on Student Publication Board
    ▪    Staff Council bulletin board
    ▪    Open parking on Fridays
    ▪    Sterling Staff Awards


  • Auxiliary and Recreation Services Advisory Board
  • Budget Prirorities-Chancellor's Advisory Council
  • Chancellor's Council
  • College Athletics Planning Committee
  • Commencement Ceremonies
  • Committee for Disability Concerns
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Student Housing Committee
  • United Way Campaign
  • Veteran's Day Recognition Committee
  • Welcome Back Picnic Committee
  • Women's Night Out
  • Campus Child Care Advisory Committee
  • Faculty/Staff Scholarship Committee
  • Marlene Borland Book Endowment Fund*
  • Reclassification Task Force
  • University Strategic Planning Committee

* The Marlene Borland Book Endowment Fund was established in 1997 by UM-Flint staff members, Catherine A. Moore and Roxanne M. Brunger, to provide staff with funds to purchase books needed for completion of the undergraduate degree at UM-Flint. The endowment fund is intended to reward the persistence of UM-Flint staff as they strive toward the completion of a Bachelor's degree. The fund was established in recognition of Marlene Borland, Accounting Department Supervisor, who retired in 1997 after 28 years of service to the university. Funding for eligible staff members should be available by 2013.


Staff Council cares about your concerns. If there is an issue you would like to bring to the attention of Staff Council, please email a Staff Council member.

    ▪    Increasing staff morale
    ▪    Obtaining feedback from staff
    ▪    Maintain a Staff Council archive and website
    ▪    Improve parking on campus
    ▪    Promote employee Tuition Assistance
    ▪    Recognize achievements of staff
    ▪    Offer service credit to employees who volunteer
    ▪    Raise funds for more Staff Council activities
    ▪    Lobby for staff discounts at the Early Childhood Development Center