March 21, 2018

The University Strategic Planning Phase II Core Team is working on developing an implementation plan that will include a set of strategic initiatives to help us realize the five high-level priorities our community adopted in May 2017 at the conclusion of Phase I of the strategic planning process:

  • A distinctive identity that builds campus pride
  • Excellence in education & scholarship across the institution
  • A student-centered culture focused on retention and success
  • Recruitment through high quality programs and campus life
  • A vital partner to an engaged community

For the past few months, our team has held a series of meeting with the campus community, receiving over 500 distinct answers to our four-question framework: What are the things that we already do? What are things we do, but could do more of? What are things that we don’t do, but could do? What things should we stop doing?   

Using this input, along with data from the first phase of the strategic planning process, we have conducted a careful thematic analysis in order to identify strategic initiatives to achieve our high-level priorities.

We are now asking you to complete a brief (5-10 minute) survey soliciting your feedback on the 12 potential strategic initiatives that emerged from our analysis. Click here to take survey

Our goal here is to assess the extent to which these potential initiatives might realize multiple high-level priorities. We ask you to evaluate each initiative on two dimensions:

  • How important is this initiative in achieving our high-level priorities? In other words, would a focus on this initiative make substantial contributions to our ability to achieve multiple high-level priorities?
  • How realistic is this initiative in achieving our high-level priorities? Would a focus on this initiative likely to realize concrete, measurable results over short, medium, or long term timeframe?

Your answers to these questions will help us as we seek to narrow down to a smaller set of strategic initiatives and develop concrete, action-oriented strategies to implement them. Please respond by the end of day, Wednesday, March 28.

As always, thank you for taking the time to provide your ideas on operationalizing the university’s high-level strategic priorities. We look forward to sharing a draft of the full implementation plan with you in the coming weeks.  

The Strategic Planning Phase II Core Team

James Alsup, CAS

Linda Blakey, CAS

Yener Kandogan, SOM

Daniel Lair, CAS

Margaret Murray-Wright, SON

Sapna Thwaite, SEHS

Terry Wisner, Consultant/Facilitator

Amy Yorke, SHPS