December 1, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As indicated last month, I would like to update you on the continued work of the Strategic Planning process.  Since August our team has been working to finalize essential next steps in our planning which will ultimately lead to implementation campus wide next year.

In order to facilitate the implementation process, we have enlisted Terry Wisner, MSA, Founder and President of Partnering To Success, LLC to help facilitate Phase II of the strategic planning process. Many of you met Terry during the Phase I campus input sessions, when he was deeply involved as an alumni representative to the planning process.

Terry is a dedicated alum and has traveled the world helping individuals and organizations through planning and improvement processes. Terry will be working with a Core Team to move forward through Phase II. The Core Team will interact broadly with departments, deans, and various campus constituencies as we develop the implementation plan. Additionally the CAC/BSP will be involved in the review and vetting process as plans are developed.  

In alignment with the success of Strategic Planning phase one, under the leadership of Dr. Hiba Wehbe-Alamah and her team, we will continue our commitment to continuity and transparency.  Many Core Team members served on the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and expressed a desire to continue serving the campus during phase two.  The Team will partner with Cabinet and the Council of Deans and interact broadly with all campus constituencies as we develop the implementation plan. Additionally the CAC/BSP will be involved in the review and vetting process as plans are developed. 

The Core Team members include:

  • Dan Lair, Associate Professor & Program Director of MA in Applied Communication, CAS
  • Sapna Thwaite, Associate Dean, SEHS
  • Linda Blakey, Program Manager & Adjunct Lecturer, CAS
  • Yener Kandogan, Associate Dean, SOM
  • Margie Murray-Wright, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, SON
  • Amy Yorke, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, SHPS
  • James Alsup, Associate Professor of Physics, Computer Science, Engineering & Physics, CAS

Below is a brief overview of our planned work from now until June 2018 and beyond. This work is an extension of the tremendous effort from last year and, as has been previously discussed, will include the climate study results as part of this next phase.

November 2017

  • Communicate progress to all stakeholders
  • Onboard facilitator for Phase 2 process
  • Select and assemble Core Team
  • Identify key success factors in the planning process
  • Create a roadmap for Phase 2
  • Determine process to collect current and future goals and objectives
  • Begin gathering input for goals, objectives, and tactics or strategies

December 2017-January 2018

  • Communicate progress to all stakeholders
  • Collect current and future goals, objectives and tactics
  • Integrate climate study key findings and other research
  • Identify and rank strategies which will address Key Priorities
  • Create multi-year plans for each priority that considers: implementation; integration and collaboration across functions/divisions; implications for resources, structures, practices; impact; and accountability

February-April 2018

  • Communicate progress to all stakeholders
  • Create detailed plan
  • Acquire conceptual approvals
  • Promote ways to align with FY19 Budget and map priorities to resources
  • Identify key implementation success factors

May 2018

  • Communicate progress to all stakeholders
  • Final approval
  • Identify and execute rollout strategy

Fiscal year 2019

  • Full implementation of strategic plan

We will be sure to post this information along with future updates to the Strategic Planning web page in efforts to keep our campus community informed on all progress.  Thank you again to all who have contributed your valued time and efforts to this most important collaborative initiative. 


Susan E. Borrego, Ph.D.               Doug Knerr, Ph.D.

Chancellor                                       Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs