Fall 2016

100% of tuition and fees is due on or before September 28, 2016**

**NOTE:  Students living in Riverfront Apartments or First Street Residence Hall will have satisfied their Student Bill in one of the following ways to secure a key for move-in:

  • Pay at least 1/4 of account balance (tuition, fees, housing and/or meal plan) on or before September 2, 2016

AND be registered for the Fall 2016 term,

AND pay any past due balances in full. (Students are invited to work with the Student Account Office for payment arrangements.)

  • Enroll in the 4 Month Payment Plan
    • Enrollment Dates:  July 18, 2016 - August 15, 2016 (Deadline for enrollment is 8PM on August 15th)
    • Due Dates:  August 17, 2016, September 28, 2016, October 19, 2016 and November 16, 2016

AND have paid your first installment on or before September 2, 2016

Winter 2017

100% of tuition and fees is due on or before January 25, 2017


*A 1.5% late fee will be assessed each month if your account is not paid in full on the due date.*