Each month our office sends out an electronic notification to all students who have had any activity on their student account since the last billing statement was issued.  This email will be sent to your student campus email address notifying you that a new UM-Flint billing statement is now available and will include a link to the Student Account Center.  Paper bills are not sent out, so this email serves as your official billing notice.  Failure to receive an official university tuition and fee bill/e-notification does not relieve any student of responsibility for payment by the due dates.

E-Notification will include the tuition due date, a link to Student Account Center where you can access detailed account information and make payments. It will be your responsibility to access your UM-Flint student email account for e-Notification regarding your balance due and payment due date. Any unpaid balance will receive a 1.5% interest charge each month. Students can forward the email to their parents or print a copy.