This plan gives you the opportunity to pay your Summer 2015 tuition and fee charges over a 2-month period (July & August), and as long as you make your payment by the due dates you will not be charged any late interest charges.  There is a non-refundable $42 cost per semester for enrolling in our payment plan, which will be included in the calculation of your total amount owed.  Total charges for the semester will be split into two equal payments.

Important Information - If your Financial Aid is disbursed after you sign up for the payment plan, the total amount owed for the semester (not just the amount of your first payment) will be deducted from the Financial Aid before any refund is given.  It is important to keep in mind that the fee for the payment plan is non-refundable and if your Financial Aid is disbursed after signing up for the plan, no refund will be given for the $42 fee.

Important Dates to Remember:

Financial Aid Disbursement:  July 1, 2015

Enrollment Dates:  July 1, 2015 - July 13, 2015 (Must enroll by 8PM on July 13)

Due Dates:  July 15, 2015 and August 19, 2015

Logging into the Website:

You will need your 8 digit UMID number and PIN (the same one you use to log into SIS)

Student Account Center

Additional Information

Payment Options

Authorized Users:

  • This plan gives you the opportunity to set-up "authorized" users.  Once you have identified the "authorized" user in the Student Account Center, they will receive an email providing them with their login information.  This will allow the authorized user to login to the Student Account Center and make payments on your behalf.
  • You, as the student, will determine if the authorized user sees "only the amount owed" or the "account detail."
  • You will receive "automated" emails for any activity on your student account that affects your balance due.