Student Leadership Opportunities at UM-Flint


John Philip Sousa, the famed American conductor and composer, said, “The Victors is the greatest college fight song ever written.” And, many would affirm “leaders and best” is the greatest phrase in the chorus!  

Leadership is practiced and learned through a variety of experiential activities and roles. Employment, community service, student organizations, and coursework all contribute to our knowledge and understanding of leadership.

The University of Michigan-Flint offers multiple opportunities for students interested in developing their leadership skills. These programs challenge students to apply knowledge outside the classroom, leverage experience gained from multiple life roles, and move beyond comfort zones. 

Understanding what it means to lead in the 21st century will prepare students for their careers and help them: 

  • Enrich and deepen their self-knowledge
  • Develop intercultural competence
  • Manage their time, energy and efforts in order to live balanced lives
  • Recognize and assume accountability for their actions and decisions
  • Communicate and interact effectively
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Consider and understand multiple perspectives
  • Embrace the responsibilities associated with becoming an ethical leader


To learn more about the leadership development programs available to UM-Flint students, click on the icons below: