101 Things to Do Before You Graduate


The ultimate Checklist to see how you can Get Involved and Stay Involved during your tenure, here at the University of Michigan-Flint! Print out your checklist and keep track of all the experiences you have and see if you can accomplish them all by the time you walk across the stage at Commencement! Also keep track of 31 Things on FourSquare! Check-In on FourSquare and after getting all 31 with a photo at each location, stop by and see Brian in the SOC and receive a special gift! Good luck!

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1) Get Involved, Stay Involved!

2) Be on a first-name basis with the Student Life Staff

3) Attend Back to the Bricks

4) Get a co-op or internship

5) Take notes AND Facebook at the same time during a class lecture

6) Take a bike ride along the Flint River Trail

7) Write an article for The Michigan Times

8) Earn a 4.0 GPA for at least 1 semester

9) Drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes until you have found a really good spot.

10) Visit the International Center

11) Join a fraternity or sorority

12) Check out the Flint Farmer’s Market

13) Get a FREE T-Shirt during every term you attend UM-Flint

14) Start a student organization by visiting the Student Organization Center

15) Lay out on a blanket on Northlawn and study

16) Check out the Office of Financial Aid to get more information on scholarships

17) Have lunch with one of your professors

18) Attend FREE events by Campus Activities Board

19) Get a job on campus

20) Attend a Michigan Football game at the Big House

21) Take an online class

22) Volunteer with a local Flint philanthropy

23) Walk the length of campus at least once a week

24) Get help in the Marian E. Wright Writing Center

25) Meet a friend at Churchill’s for lunch

26) Check out the University Website at least once a day

27) Attend a UM-Flint Theatre production

28) Study abroad for a semester

29) Contact ITS for the password you can’t remember

30) Buy UM-Flint spirit clothing from the Information Desks in UCEN and White Building

31) Maintain a great friendship through your entire college career at UM-Flint with at least one person you meet in your Freshman year

32) Participate in Welcome Back Picnic

33) Attend a UM-Flint Club Sport event

34) Eat lunch in Clint’s Café

35) Have a picnic in Willson Park

36) Run for Student Government

37) Be in a University Relations Photo Shoot

38) Run the suspended track in the Recreation Center

39) Take a nap in the UCEN

40) Attend at least one MLK Day event

41) Join a student organization

42) Paint a kiosk outside

43) Obnoxiously yell “GO BLUE!” the next time you are on the Ohio State Campus

44) Appreciate the economic cost of Ramen Noodles and Instant Mac & Cheese

45) Have at least one class in every building on campus

46) Have several classes with your favorite professor during your tenure at UM-Flint

47) Live in the First Street Residence Hall or Riverfront Residence Hall

48) Become a Maize and Blue award winner

49) Donate food during the Holiday Food Drive

50) Read the University Catalog from cover to cover

51) Get your hair done at Garibella’s Salon

52) Go the long way to class using the Gerbil Tunnels just to stay out of the rain or snow

53) Take a moment to check out the 50th Anniversary Monument

54) Win the Brian D. Proffer Student Excellence Award at Presidents’ Ball

55) Sign up for a tutor in the Student Development Center

56) Get involved with the Office of Research

57) Meet the dean of your respective school or college

58) Play football or Frisbee on the multipurpose field next to the White Building

59) Find your classmates on Facebook so you remember their names when you’re working as a group in class

60) Attend an event in the Northbank Center Grand Ballroom

61) Visit the Student Organization Center

62) Eat lunch in the Riverview Dining Room and each of the Pavilion vendors at least once a term

63) Lead a family member or friend on a tour of campus

64) Study in the Francis Willson Thompson Library on every Study Day during college

65) Attend the New Student Welcome Day Street Fair

66) Chalk the sidewalk to promote an event

67) Visit the Ellen Bommarito LGBT Center

68) Watch a movie in the KIVA

69) Volunteer through University Outreach

70) Become an Orientation Leader

71) Participate in Expect Respect workshops and lectures

72) Visit sister campuses  UM-Dearborn and UM-Ann Arbor

73) Visit the Registrar

74) Swim in the Recreation Center pool

75) Take a stand on a social issue by attending or organizing a protest or rally

76) Check out the Flint Cultural Center

77) Attend Presidents’ Ball

78) Voice your opinion at the annual Student Open Forum

79) Become a leader in a student organization

80) Have lunch at the Torch

81) Walk across the Block M in McKinnon Plaza for good luck

82) Form a study group for a class

83) Run in the CRIM

84) Check out the Veterans Resource Center

85) Get FREE Bluebooks and Scantrons from Student Government

86) Take one step toward being more environmentally friendly every term

87) Visit the Academic Advising and Career Center

88) Read The Michigan Times

89) Attend the Student Government Debates

90) Use social media to get the latest updates on campus  events

91) Ask a professor in your program to be your advisor

92) Hang out in the UCEN

93) Overuse your student discount at downtown businesses and restaurants

94) Participate in Relay for Life at UM-Flint

95) Attend a leadership workshop on campus

96) Learn the Michigan Fight Song

97) Earn cords to wear during Commencement

98) Purchase your Cap and Gown from the Bookstore

99) Write a thank you note to a University faculty or staff member who made an impact on you during your career at UM-Flint

100) Shake the Chancellor’s hand at Commencement

101) Walk proud with a University of Michigan degree!


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