Inactive Club Sports

With Club Sports, there is a possibility that a club may disband. When a club fails to fill out their renewal form, that club will become inactive. The club is on the inactive list for 3 years, then after 3 years that club will be removed from our database. The club is welcomed to start up again after 3 years, but it will require being started as a new club.

During that 3 year period, any student who is interested in restarting the club is allowed. There will be no penalty for starting the club. The student will have to fill out a renewal form and go through training with the club sports coordinator, but there will be no penalties for that club. Any money that the club has left in the account will be left in the account and the new officers will have access to it.

Below is the inactive club list and have been officially added to the inactive club list as of April 8, 2014. Any of these clubs are welcomed to be started in the next 3 years before they are erased from the club sports database. The paraphrases next to the club indicate how many years they have been inactive.

  • Basketball (1)
  • Bowling (1)
  • Disc Golf Club (2)
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Women's Flat Track Roller Derby (2)
  • Wrestling


If you are interested in starting any of the clubs above, please contact the club sports coordinator at 810-762-6706 or e-mail at