Club Football

UM-Flint Club Football is a competitive club that competes in the National Club Football League, Eastern Conference.  Club Football is open to all students enrolled in six or more credit hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. For more information please contact the president.

President: Entrice Mitchell


 Please Check out their Facebook page.



Fall 2017 games

Date                              Time                              Home                              Away

9/23/17                         2:00 PM                          UM Flint                           Eastern Michigan

9/25 - 10/01                 TBD                                 Michigan State                UM Flint

10/8/17                         1:00 PM                          UM Flint                           Oakland

10/14/17                       1:00 PM                          UM Flint                           Michigan State

10/16 - 10/22               TBD                                 Oakland                            UM Flint

10/28/17                      1:00 PM                           Eastern Michigan           UM Flint

11/4/17                        1:00 PM                            UM Flint                           Loyola (Chicago)


Fall 2017 Team Sheet