Men's Hockey Club

UM-Flint Men's Hockey Club competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, Division III. If you need any further information about the Hockey Club at the University of Michigan - Flint, contact

President: Jared Coulter 


Check out their Webpage at



Fall 2017 games

Date                              Time                                Home                              Away

9/22/17                         8PM                                 GVSU                               UM-Flint

9/23/17                         8PM                                 UM-Flint                          GVSU

10/13/17                       8PM                                 UM-Flint                          WMU

10/14/17                       8PM                                 UM-Flint                          WMU

10/20/17                       8PM                                 LTU                                  UM-Flint

10/21/17                      8PM                                 UM-Flint                           LTU

10/27/17                      8PM                                 UM-Flint                           Ann Arbor

10/28/17                      8PM                                 Ann Arbor                        UM-Flint

11/3/17                        8PM                                 UM-Flint                           MSU

11/4/17                        8PM                                 MSU                                  UM-Flint

11/17/17                     8PM                                  UM-Flint                           CMU

11/18/17                     8PM                                  CMU                                 UM-Flint

12/8/17                       8PM                                  UM-Flint                           SVSU

12/9/17                       8PM                                  SVSU                                UM-Flint

1/5/18                         8PM                                  Oakland University         UM-Flint

1/6/18                         8PM                                  UM-Flint                          Oakland University

1/12/18                      8PM                                   Calvin College                 UM-Flint

1/13/18                      8PM                                   UM-Flint                          Calvin College

1/19/18                      8PM                                   UM-Flint                          Northwood

1/20/18                      8PM                                   Northwood                     UM-Flint

1/25/18                      8PM                                   Adrian                             UM-Flint

1/26/18                      8PM                                   UM-Flint                          Adrian

2/2/18                        8PM                                   Hope College                  UM-Flint

2/3/18                        8PM                                   UM-Flint                          Hope College

2/9/18                        8PM                                    Indiana Tech                   UM-Flint

2/10/18                      8PM                                   UM-Flint                          Indiana Tech


Fall 2017 Team Sheet