Women's Ice Hockey

The Women's Ice Hockey Club at the University of Michigan-Flint competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, CCWHA Division II. To get a season schedule or obtain more information please contact the club president.


President: Bethany Bachi 

Email: bebachi@umflint.edu


More info on their website:



Fall 2017 games

Date                                Time                                Home                              Away

10/7/17                          5PM                                UM-Flint                         Loyola

10/8/17                          1PM                                UM-Flint                         Loyola

10/21/17                        7PM                                Northern                        UM-Flint

10/22/17                        3PM                                Northern                        UM-Flint

11/18/17                        5PM                                UM-Flint                         CMU

11/19/17                        1PM                                UM-Flint                         CMU

12/2/17                          5PM                                UM-Flint                         Miami OH

12/3/17                          1PM                                UM-Flint                         Miami OH

1/20/18                          11AM                              Adrian                            UM-Flint

1/21/18                          1PM                                 UM-Flint                        Adrian

2/3/18                             5PM                                UM-Flint                         MSU

2/4/18                             TBA                                  MSU                               UM-Flint

2/10/18                          7:30PM                            Notre Dame                   UM-Flint

2/11/18                          3PM                                  Notre Dame                   UM-Flint 


Fall 2017 Team sheet