Greek Values


The primary reason a student enrolls at the University of Michigan-Flint is to obtain a solid and diverse education. The fraternities and sororities at University of Michigan-Flint know and value the importance of an education, and they illustrate their commitment by encouraging their members to excel academically. Many of the chapters at University of Michigan-Flint have scholarships that are awarded to members who show a deep commitment to their studies. All chapters possess resources and facilities that facilitate high academic achievement and all hold their members accountable to the commitment to scholastic success.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

While you are at the University of Michigan-Flint, you will meet hundreds of people and make many friends. But, your relationships with your Greek brothers and sisters will be unlike your other relationships in several ways. As a fraternity or sorority member, you will live and work closely with a large number of your closest friends and experience a unique and meaningful sense of community. Because of the strong bond you share, as well as the programming and involvement opportunities that are available to alumni members, you will be able to keep in close, life-long contact with the Greek friends you make.


College is a chance to further your education, both inside and outside of the classroom. It has been proven that students who are involved on campus will have a happier college experience and get higher grades. Greeks agree! Being a member of a fraternity or sorority will give you the chance to refine your leadership ability. There is ample opportunity to practice and improve your organization, time management, event planning, and budgeting skills. Not only will you graduate with experiences to fill your resume, you will have learned communication and management skills that you can use throughout your life. Opportunities for leadership will be available to you both in and out of your chapter. You will also find that many of your new brothers and sisters are involved in many areas of campus life, including: the Student Government Council, Campus Activities Board, the Michigan Times, and more!

Community Service & Philanthropy

One of the core values of every Greek chapter on campus is the commitment to helping others. Whether you enjoy philanthropic activities (fundraisers) or community service (donating time and volunteering), being Greek will make it easy for you to give time and service to organizations both locally and nationally. University of Michigan-Flint Greeks play an active role in a variety of projects where you will be able to share your skills and interests with others. You might be a Big Brother or Sister, volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club of Flint, use your creativity and love of art to create books for those with sight impairments, show your concern for the environment by cleaning up the river or adopting a highway, or work to raise money for an organization you respect.

Social Development & Special Events

Whether you are Greek or not, there is plenty of opportunity for a healthy social life at the University of Michigan-Flint. But, we think you will find that the Greek community has social opportunities that you’ll find hard to refuse. Fraternities and Sororities sponsor activities and attend campus events with lots of spirit! As a Greek, you will be able to help plan annual Greek functions, including: Greek Week, a formal or a social dance, a dinner exchange, or a chapter retreat. You will also have many opportunities to participate in special campus events; Greek chapters have teams for UM-Flint Homecoming, Intramural sports, and participate in new student orientation each summer.

Greeks have a great time and party safely! We adhere to campus and Greek community policies, take care of each other when we are at events, and hold each other accountable to behave in a way that is consistent with our fraternal values.