Scholarship Programs

Listed below are a few examples of military scholarships aimed at helping active duty military, veterans and their dependants receive financial assistance. These scholarship descriptions and respective information are provided as a courtesy in our continued efforts to assist students with their financial needs.  All information posted is governed by the respective scholarship donor; notification of these scholarship opportunities does not imply University of Michigan – Flint support or endorsement of any of the opportunities described.  All off-campus scholarship announcements require separate applications and have various eligibility requirements and deadlines.  The information provided is intended to be general summary information only. For more information please visit our financial aid department here.

General Scholarships

As the year progresses scholarships can change and more can become available, listed below are valuable resources in helping you find a scholarship geared towards your own personal experience, as well as more scholarships for service members. (You may search for Military or Veterans specifically and by Major)