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The following buildings remain without power: Thompson Library, Recreation Center, First Street Residence Hall, Theater, French Hall, University Center, and Murchie Science Building. All classes and activities in these buildings are cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Student Veterans Resource Center

Geoff Roberts, Program Manager

Program Manager

Credentials and Experience: Prior to being named the Program Manager of the SVRC, I was an Academic Advisor at Eastern Michigan University.  I attained my Master of Arts in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in May of 2016.  Prior to that, I was a undergraduate student veteran at BGSU and was a primary founder of the BGSU Veteran’s Club.  Before pursuing my education from 2007-2011, I served as a paratrooper and 19D – Cavalry Scout with 5-73 CAV, 3rd BCT, 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, NC.  I deployed twice to Iraq: Diyala Province in 2007 and Baghdad in 2009.    

Favorite part of your work with the SVRC: Coordinating and designing programming and services that support the outstanding student-veteran population at University of Michigan-Flint as they take their next steps toward being the next generation of leaders and best in various career fields throughout the country.

Advice for student veterans: Utilize the space and services offered by the SVRC.  We will always be available to help you with whatever you need.  Also get involved with the Student Veterans Organization here at UM-Flint.  They are an outstanding community built by student-veterans that are just like you.  I know, first-hand, what your experience is like as a student-veteran on campus and the best thing you can do is to integrate yourself into our supportive community however you can.   

(810) 424-5391
Student Veterans Resource Center

Helen Budd

Veterans Certifying Evaluator

Credentials and ExperienceDedicated and knowledgeable professional, providing assistance to student veterans and their families with VA/Department of Defense benefits, coordinating student services, and providing support to the UM-Flint Student Veterans of America Chapter. More than eight years as a VA Certifying Official, serving in the Registrar’s Office at Cleary University before moving to UM-Flint in May, 2013.

Favorite part of your work with the SVRCCounseling students on the various VA education benefits that are available and assisting in the resolution of benefit payment issues.

Advice for student veterans: Take the time to know your benefits. After all, you earned them! Meet regularly with an academic advisor to ensure that you are on track toward graduation, and attend and pass your classes. 

(810) 762-3380
Student Veterans Resource Center

Stevens Wandmacher, Dr.

Faculty Coordinator

Position:  I have been the Faculty Coordinator for the SVRC since it was created and I teach in the Department of Philosophy.

Credentials and Experience: As a faculty member I hold degrees in philosophy from Wayne State University (MA 1994) and Michigan State University (Ph.D 2003).  I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan (BGS 1992) and was a Boatswain’s Mate in the United States Navy (BM3).

Favorite part of your work with the SVRC:  I get great satisfaction out of developing and maintaining systems to insure that our veteran population gets the support and guidance they need and have earned.

Advice for student veterans: Stay in school until you graduate; there is no obstacle to your education that you can’t navigate. 

Student Veterans Resource Center

Chris Shea

SVRC office assistance

Credentials and Experience:  I have worked at the SVRC for about 8 months and enjoy guiding veterans in the right direction when it comes to their education.

Favorite part of your work with the SVA: I am in my last year of my undergraduate degree. I will be attending P.T graduate school here at the University of Michigan-Flint

Advice for student veterans:  Don't settle for average


Louis Haase

Credentials and Experience: I started working for the SVA in February of 2017. While enlisted in the United States Navy, I learned more than one could imagine. I’m grateful for the experience, because it pushes me to assist individuals in need.

Favorite part of your work with the SVA: My favorite part of my work is being that olive branch of information. To assist those in need to not only push themselves, but better themselves through education.

Student Veterans Resource Center

Hailee Strong

Credentials and Experience: I have worked in the SVRC since February 2016. I love getting the chance to help Veterans pursue their education goals! I served in the Army for 8 years and continue to serve in the Reserves. 

Favorite part of your work with the SVA:  Helping Veterans at every level of their education. I also love being able to socialize with people who have the same mind frame as myself. 

Advice for student Veterans: Utilize every resource you can and reach out to your Battles for guidance. We are here for you! 

Student Veterans Resource Center

Adam Laskowski

Web developer

Credentials and Experience: I served as a Systems Administrator in the USMC, and hold numerous certifications. 

Favorite part of your work with the SVRC: I enjoy providing assistance with technology to students and staff.

Advice for student veterans: I recommend Veterans become active in the campus veteran community. We're here to help and you'll have some fun too!