Student Veterans of America - Flint

Chris Shea, President

Credentials and Experience: I served 9 years in the United States Marine Corps. I am currently pursuing a bachelor in Health Sciences Pre-Physical Therapy. 

Favorite part of your work with the SVA: I have a passion for helping veterans through their journey called school. I try to help them not make the same mistakes that I have made or others have made. I try to make myself available to help veterans study or just as an ear to listen.

Advice for student veterans: Don't settle for average. We served in the military which shows we decided not to be average from the get go, no reason to lower expectations now.



Hailee Strong

Vice President

Credentials and Experience: I have worked in the SVRC since February 2016. I love getting the chance to help Veterans pursue their education goals! I served in the Army for 8 years and continue to serve in the Reserves. 

Favorite part of your work with the SVA:  Helping Veterans at every level of their education. I also love being able to socialize with people who have the same mind frame as myself. 

Advice for student Veterans: Utilize every resource you can and reach out to your Battles for guidance. We are here for you! 


Adam Laskowski, Treasurer

Credentials and Experience: I am a Marine Corps Veteran and student specializing in Information Technology. 

Favorite part of your work with the SVA: The sense of community, event participation, and learning one can experience make the SVA a very enriching part of being a student.

Advice for student veterans: Ask your teacher if you really need their "required" book, and ask around about the classes you are taking before committing. Come see us in the Univesity Pavillion!


Lee Harrision, Student Veteran

Credentials and Experience: Served in the United States Marine Corps for just under 8 years. I have in depth Instructor background and love to teach people new things every day. I have worked in government contracting and many levels of Management since my transition back into the workforce. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Management while being the store manager for two storefronts.  

Favorite part of your work with the SVA: As I said before I love to teach and empower the new and existing students. Whether it is providing awareness of an available program or just something that benefits a veteran student's life, being able to help out where I can allows me to continue my service to the country and feel a greater sense of accomplishment. 

Advice for student veterans: If you don't know something ask someone. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. While school can be stressful and definitely challenging always remember to have fun and enjoy life. Lastly, try to build a complex network with whoever and where ever you can. "It is always about who you know rather than what you know."