Previous Awardees of Spring Pedagogical Fellowships

Spring/Summer Fellowships 2006-2007 Academic Year

Brian Blume, School of Management
New Course Design: Introductory Entrepreneurship

Aviva Dorfman, Education Department
New Course Design: ECE 440: Assessment in Early Childhood Education

Quamrul Mazumder, CSESP Department
Course Redesign: EGR 350: Fluid Mechanics

John Sonnega, Health Sciences & Administration Department
New Course Design: HCR 361: Public Mental Health - Mental Hygiene

Suleyman Uludag, CSESP Department
Course Redesign: Design of Intensive Labs for CIS/CSC 335 Topics



Spring/Summer Fellowships 2005-2006 Academic Year

Edwin Chow, Earth & Resource Science Department
Course Redesign:  Spatial Analysis [GEO 404]

Peeth Kartha, Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta, Yener Kandogan, School of Management
Course Redesign:  MBA Quantitative Courses [MGT 511, MGT 512, MGT 571]

Jie Song, Chemistry Department
New Course Design:  Computational Chemistry Lab [CHM 443]

Jeannette Whitmore, Psychology Department
Course Redesign:  Memory & Performance [PSY 306]



Spring/Summer Fellowships 2004-2005 Academic Year

Judith Ableser,Education Department
New Course Design: Early Childhood Education Field Experience

Michael Jarvinen, Psychology Department
Course Redesign: Animal Behavior [PSY 310/BIO 466]

Steven Myers, Biology Department
Course Redesign: Human Anatomy (BIO 434) from a traditional regional anatomy course to an integrated neuroscience/regional anatomy course

Sungho Park, Education Department
New Course Design: Family, Community, School and Children with Special Needs

Tiffany Willoughby-Herald, Africana Studies Department
New Course Design: Jenda: African Women, Culture and Development



Spring/Summer Fellowships 2003-2004 Academic Year

Elizabeth Bourgeois, Theatre and Dance Department
Redesign THE 392: Collaborative Playwrights Workshop.

Simon Cushing, Philosophy Department
Redesign of PHL: Mortal Questions, focusing on the meaning of life/meaning of death.

Patricia Gallant, Education Department
Redesign of EDU 543: Reading and Writing Development of Young Children. Focus on creating and improving literate environments, instruction and assessment and on enhancing early language, literacy and emergent reading development.

Heather Laube, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Department
New Course Design of SOC 471: Social Movements in America.

Heather Seipke, Communication Department
Redesign of COM 210: Introduction to Public Speaking to include culturally sensitive approach to oral communication with presentation technology.

Sharman Siebenthal, Education Department
Using Technology in Education Redesign (EDU 421/521). Explore complexities that revolve around technological inequalities related to student diversity, fundamental patterns of understanding, and descriptions of what is required of both teachers and students in light of new technology advances.



Spring/Summer Fellowships 2002-2003 Academic Year

Minnie V. Bluhm. Health Sciences and Administration Department
New course design, Chronic Illness and Aging, which will focus on the psychosocial aspects of chronic illness in the elderly.

Charles E. Dunlop, Philosophy Department
New course design, PHL 140, Ancient Philosophy in Its Cultural Context.

Raj Pandian, Engineering Science/CSESP
Redesign of EGR 397, Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory, to develop a complete lab manual.

Fred Svoboda, English Department
Redesign of American Film via the web, focusing on web development and finding films available on the Internet.

Tracy Wacker, Biology Department
Development of a CD with 3D animation to complement lectures in BIO 103



Spring/Summer Fellowships 2001-2002 Academic Year

Darryl Baird, Music and Art Department
Design of Art 330, Typographic Communications, and Art 342, Editorial Design, building on Mott's foundation courses in our Fine Arts Program.

Jan Brady, Nursing Department
Redesign of Nursing 401, Professional Concepts in Community Health Nursing, to enhance students' understanding of how cultural beliefs influence health care decisions through the use of literature and a WebBoard.

Richard Frazee, Chemistry Department
Course Redesign/Special Project: Development of a Demonstrational/Instructional CD-Rom for Upper Division Biochemistry Laboratory Course.

Jamile Lawand, Foreign Languages Department
New course for new Middle Eastern Studies Program: MES 263 East Meets West: Muslims in Spain.

Stephanie Throne, Foreign Languages Department
New Course Design, Spanish 308, Business Spanish, with a service learning component and use of the Internet, a website, and WebBoard discussions.



Spring/Summer Fellowships 2000-2001 Academic Year

R. Scott Adkins, Music Department
Developing courses and a curriculum for a minor in music technology at UM-Flint

Ricardo Alfaro, Mathematics Department
Redesign of Multivariable Calculus (MTH 222) with a lab approach.

Jan Bernsten, English Department
Redesign of Introduction to Linguistics (ENG/LIN 200) to include collaborative learning for students from UM-Flint and the University of Western Cape, South Africa.

Paul Bronstein, Psychology Department
Redesign of Introduction to Psychology (PSY 100) to develop students' inquiry and critical thinking skills.

Rose Casement, Education Department
Design of a new course: Integrated Language Arts for Children with Special Needs.

Barbara Waddington, School of Management
Redesign of Management Information Systems (BUS 381) and coordinating the course with Accounting Information Systems (BUS 421) and computer science pre-requisites.



Spring/Summer Fellowships 1999-2000 Academic Year

Robert Barnett, English Department
New Course Design, English 250: Rhetoric and the American Political Landscape.

Don Boys, Physics Department
Introduction of the Microcontroller into Physics 323.

Cathleen Miller, School of Management
Redesign of Management 521, Accounting, to a Case Method Approach with Increased Use of Technology.

Ernest Szuch, Mary Ann Cardani, and Bruce Parfitt, Biology Department
Laboratory/Recitation Redesign for Biology 111/113 Based on Guided-Discovery