To better address the needs of all UM-Flint faculty, the faculty mentoring program will undergo a period of restructuring.  This effort, will be led by Heather Laube, Associate Professor of Sociology, who will serve as TCLT Faculty Fellow for the Faculty Mentoring Program Redesign through April 2017.

Dr. Laube is Chair of the Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Program and the Director of the Women’s & Gender Studies program. She has been at UM-Flint since 2003. Heather recently returned from a Fulbright in Graz, Austria. While there, she was able to travel to Vienna for a full-day conference on mentoring to learn about new developments and challenges of mentoring programs in a range of universities in several countries. She also gave two invited lectures in which she discussed mentoring as a way to improve equity in higher education. Heather is excited to talk with faculty at all ranks to learn about their needs and goals, to continue to research mentoring models, and to develop a multi-faceted approach to mentoring that will benefit the most faculty and have the greatest positive effect on our university.

We look forward to working with Heather to re-tool the Mentoring Program in a way that makes it as inclusive and effective as possibl