About the Prize

The Office of the Provost, Office of Extended Learning and the Thompson Center for Learning and Teaching are pleased to announce the establishment of the Provost Teaching Innovation Prize.

The goal of the  Provost Teaching Innovation Prize is  recognize faculty who have developed a creative or innovative project that enhances student learning including:

  • novel uses of instructional technology
  • development of imaginative resources
  • implementation of unique research approaches in the classroom
  • motivating students through new high-level methods of communication that improve presentation and interpersonal skills
  • stimulating students’ self-regulation of their learning

In addition, the Provost would like to encourage the dissemination of successful high impact practices by sharing the promising innovations more broadly, both within our community and beyond.



Awards will be given as first ($1,000), second ($750), and third ($500) place for each mode of delivery (face-to-face, online and mixed mode courses).

The program is funded through the Office of the Provost and the Bruce and Lillian Wright Online Teaching awards, made available through the Office of Extended Learning. Recipients will be announced each spring at the annual Celebration of Teaching event hosted by the TCLT.

Awardees will share their innovation with the broader UM-Flint community via TCLT events or other appropriate venues.



The award is open to all UM-Flint faculty. The project or lesson must be utilized more than one semester. Nomination of projects that occurred a second time between January and December 2018 will be considered.



The nomination period for 2019 has closed.

Nominations from the full range of instructional settings (face-to-face, online and mixed mode) are encouraged.

A panel of faculty selected by the TCLT Advisory Board and Office of Extended Learning Advisory Board will judge nominations.*

All nominations will be assessed on the evidence of the following criteria:

  • Clarity of purpose, distinctive approach to implementation and evaluation
  • Influence on student learning and engagement
  • Promotes/supports equity and inclusiveness of diverse set of student learners.

In comparing the submissions against the criteria, the faculty panel will consider:

  • Evidence of the effectiveness of the project in formal and informal evaluation
  • Degree of creativity, imagination or innovation
  • Evidence of sustained effectiveness of the project.

The application and selection process will involve two steps:

1. The selection committee will review one-page nominations forms.  Finalists will be invited to submit full applications.

2. Finalists will submit a 1-2 page narrative and supporting materials that not only describe their innovation but also document the effectiveness of their innovation, such as:

  • examples of teaching materials
  • information about the origin of the innovative idea
  • evidence of impact on student learning and attitudes, including letters of support from students.**

The Faculty Panel will judge the finalists’ submissions and will make recommendations to the Provost, who will make the final decision.

*TCLT Advisory Board and OEL Advisory Board members are eligible to be nominated, but would be recused from the deliberation process.

**Students submitting letters of support should not be current students of the nominated faculty member.



All innovations should have the following characteristics:

  • Originality in field/discipline
  • Demonstrated significant impact on teaching effectiveness, student learning and/or retention.
  • Evidence of sustainability (project or lesson must have been completed more than once)



2014-15 Application and Review Period

December 12, 2014 - Competition begins
February 2, 2015 - Nominations due
February 23, 2015 - Finalists notified
March 13, 2015 - Final application packages due
April 21, 2015 - Winners recognized at the Celebration of Teaching event