What can you do with a degree in Theatre & Dance?

Movements: Faculty Dance Concert, 2013. Choreographed by Beth Freiman, dancer featured Lauren Chopski

UM-Flint Prepares You for Careers in Theater, Dance and Beyond

A degree in Theatre & Dance from UM-Flint can help prepare you for many career opportunities in professional live theater production and/or performance as well as other related careers in the diverse artistic and entertainment industries. The Theatre and Dance program at UM-Flint includes a comprehensive study in all aspects of theater and dance, as well as opportunities for professional BFA-level concentrations, extensive practical experience in high caliber productions and a solid background in the liberal arts. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your highest personal potential – academically, artistically, personally, and socially.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality training and experience for our students who dream of a professional career in the theatre and dance. We believe it’s our duty and responsibility to provide you with the knowledge, skills, collaborative spirit, and professional connections needed for success in your chosen field of theatre and/or after graduation.

Theatre and Dance is also a great major for those who do not necessarily dream of a career in the theatre. In many ways theatre is the ultimate liberal arts major – and can help to prepare you for an almost endless range of careers following graduation. Most professional occupations today require a college educated individual who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly, utilize technology, and work well with others on a team to solve creative challenges. A major in theatre or dance prepares students well for an amazing variety of collaborative, creative, people-oriented careers.

In recent years, the majority of UM-Flint Theatre and Dance students have chosen careers in theatre and dance after graduation. Our recent graduates have entered theatre graduate programs in order to earn their Master of Fine Arts degrees (MFA). UM-Flint Theatre and Dance graduates have been very successful in getting accepted to the finest graduate programs in the nation – often with generous scholarships and stipends. Additionally, our recent graduates have done professional internships and apprenticeships during their studies at UM-Flint or immediately after graduation. Professional theater apprenticeships often include a stipend and housing and are excellent transitional training resources. The remainder of our graduates directly enter the professional work world, either at theatres or some other related field where they can apply their skills and talents. Please visit our departmental webpage to read testimonials from our recent graduates. 

Non-Theatre Careers that many Theatre Graduates have chosen

Here’s a sampling of non-theatre careers that many theatre graduates have chosen:

Media Planner
Computer Design Specialist
Customer Service Manager
Human Relations Specialist
Human Resource Specialist
Conflict Mediator
Public Relations Specialist
Admissions Director
Recruitment Officer
Development Officer
Fund Raiser
Marketing Specialist
Movie Theater Manager
Amusement Park Entertainer
Equipment Operator
Facilities Manager
News Correspondent
Trial Lawyer or Paralegal
Art Director
Arts Administrator
Health Educator
Booking Manager
Entertainment Producer
Broadcast Journalist
Personal or Program Assistant
Business Manager
Labor Relations Specialist
Public Affairs Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Communication Technology Specialist
Community Affairs Officer
Radio/TV Announcer
Copy Writer
Sales Representative
Exhibit/Display Designer
Student Affairs Specialist
Theater Manager
Ticket Sales Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator
Tour Guide
Talent Manager
Tourism Program Director
Talent Scout
Casting Director
Training & Development Specialist
Interior or Fashion Designer

Plus countless other careers dealing with human relations, communication, collaborative teamwork, and creative problem-solving.