The City of Flint has issued a boil water advisory notice for the entire city of Flint until further notice.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI), provides students in SI-supported courses with targeted group study sessions led by a trained SI Leader.  You have to study anyway, why not work with someone who has already successfully completed the course?

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Get an Individual Tutor

Individual, one-on-one tutors are available for many 100 and 200-level courses, as well as for selected upper level classes.

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Online Helpdesk for MTH 090 and MTH 111

Need help in your Math 090 and Math 111 courses? Check in to our virtual Online Math Help Desk. Click more for further instructions.

Group Tutoring

We offer group tutoring at regularly scheduled times for Math, Nursing, Physics and Physical Therapy.  Additionally, the School of Management provides Graduate Student Instructors for a number of SOM courses.

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