How to Check in to our Virtual Online Helpdesk for MTH 090 and MTH 111:

Need help in your Math 090 and Math 111 courses? Check in to our virtual Online Math Help Desk.

  1. Using Chrome or Safari (no Internet Explorer), open one of the following URLs:

    1. Winter 2018 schedule TBD
    2. Winter 2018 schedule TBD
  2. When the system comes up, if you do not have a camera or audio, select “Connect without camera & microphone.”  
  3. On the next page, chose either “Computer Audio” if you have a microphone, or “View Screen Share Only” if you have no microphone.
  4. You DO NOT have to download the Bluejeans App, although the site may suggest it.  Best to access it through your browser.
  5. Enter your name when prompted and you will be in the meeting.  Moderator will be there by (Winter 2018 schedule TBD) to direct you further; sessions close at (Winter 2018 schedule TBD).