Mission, Vision, and Goals of the Urban Health and Wellness Center


Mission Statement

The UHWC will promote interdisciplinary, experiential learning for students in an environment which values cultural diversity; provide services across the continuum of care to promote the health and well-being of individuals, families, groups, and organizations; and support scholarly activities relating to the health care needs of the community.  (Revised 9/21/07)

Vision Statement

The UHWC will be a center of excellence to enhance quality of life in our region by focusing on health promotion, wellness, and disease prevention through teaching, learning, research, and service activities with diverse populations. The UHWC will be a model incorporating interdisciplinary practice addressing community-identified concerns through University and community-wide collaboration and will serve as a resource to our service community.  (Adopted 5/26/99)

Value Statement

The UHWC core values are consistent with the mission statements of the University of Michigan-Flint, the School of Health Professions and Studies (SHPS) and the departments within SHPS.

  • Respect for Diversity

We value ethnic, cultural and individual differences, and strive to demonstrate cultural competence in all interactions.

  • Professional Excellence

We value professionalism that demonstrates and facilitates accountability, integrity, respect, self-worth and honesty while engaging in teaching, scholarly activities and services to others.

  • Quality Education

We value the highest level of teaching and learning that promotes life-long personal and professional growth of faculty, staff, students, and members of the community.

  • Commitment to the Community

We are committed to enhancing quality of life, health, and well being of the populations we serve.

  • Collaboration

We value the contribution of knowledge, skills, and resources that the community possesses and desire to work in partnership with community members and community organizations. 

  • Interdisciplinary Education

We value each of the academic and clinical SHPS disciplines and value interdisciplinary education, research, and practice activities that maximize an understanding of the unique contributions of these disciplines.

About the Urban Health and Wellness Center

The Urban Health and Wellness Center (UHWC) is a center of excellence which enhances the quality of life in our region by focusing on health education, wellness, and disease prevention through teaching, learning, research, and service activities with diverse populations. The UHWC is a model of incorporating interdisciplinary practices, addressing community-identified concerns through the University, and supporting community-wide collaboration to serve as a resource and to service our community members.

The Urban Health and Wellness Center works independently and in partnership with others to reduce health disparities and ensure that every member of our community benefits from effective and efficient medical care. We support health promotion activities conducted with interdisciplinary coordination between UM-Flint departments and partnerships with many community organizations. Such training initiatives currently include a variety of professional development and continuing education opportunities. Cultural competence is an important focus for our health care providers, within our health education efforts, and chronic disease and prevention management. We also support community-based research activities which work toward reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes; community-based participatory principles are also one of the driving forces for our work.

About the Nurse-Managed Primary Care and Physical Therapy Practice

The Urban Health and Wellness Center (UHWC) offers high quality, patient-focused primary care and physical therapy; and it has done so since 2006. Patients are treated with dignity by fully licensed, credentialed, and Board-Certified medical professionals.

Adult and Family Nurse Practitioners evaluate and treat acute and chronic diseases using modern diagnosis, disease management, health promotion, and health maintenance protocols and practices.

Physical Therapy services are provided by licensed Physical Therapists for a variety of acute and chronic pain conditions and for pre and post-op surgical needs.

The University offers Doctorate of Nursing Practice and Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree programs. The UHWC provides advanced level students the opportunity to apply their clinical skills in an environment that supports clinical and academic excellence.  

Urban Health and Wellness Center Trends from 2008-2011


Primary Care

                              Fiscal Year

2008        2009         2010        2011

Total Visits Annually                    4045          5086           5519         4356

Average Monthly Visits                  337             424             460           363

Average Monthly Enrollment      2308           2518          2977       1988


Physical Therapy

                           Fiscal Year

2008            2009            2010             2011

Total Visits Annually                     4343             5590            4676             5069

Average Monthly Visits                   362                466              390               422

Students make up less than 10% of the Primary Care visits, mainly for TB testing, health professions program physical exams and urgent care.


Top 5 Major Health Issues Addressed in Primary Care:

Diabetes (Type 2)


Chronic Pain