Welcome to Print Sprokit!

Print Sprokit is a template system of commonly used UM-Flint branded print materials. The purpose of Print Sprokit is to provide university departments with a simple way to quickly:

  • create posters and flyers to promote events or initiatives
  • create postcards/notecards for invitations
  • create a newsletter to communicate information to stakeholders
  • create simple print materials such as bookmarks, nametags, table tents, and more

The best part of Print Sprokit is that you don't have to design a thing. Everything has been done for you by a professional graphic designer. The only thing you have to do is type in your information, drop in the photos and/or department logo if applicable, and then you can send your file to the printer of your choice. There is no cost to you to use Print Sprokit for your design needs. 

NOTE: At this time, you must contact Tricia Borcherding, Senior Graphic Designer, at 237-6570 or via email at tborch@umflint.edu to receive your login password to begin using Print Sprokit.

Access Print Sprokit

Things to Know When Using Sprokit

Print Sprokit is a template system which means that the designs you see are the designs you get. There is no customization to the designs. The customization comes from your words that are put into the designs. Although this may feel limiting, this template system is perfect for quickly putting together a professional, branded printed piece that can clearly communicate to your audience.

Make sure you have a conversation with your printer to discuss your project. You will need to explain dimensions, cutlines, bleeds, or any other attributes of the project you have created. Also note that any projects in Print Sprokit which remain inactive for 30 days will be removed. For questions and help regarding your specific project, please contact Tricia Borcherding, Senior Graphic Designer at 237-6570 or via email at tborch@umflint.edu.

Project Templates

Templates in Print Sprokit are divided into four categories: Stationery, Postcard, Flier, and Newsletter. Below you'll find more information about what templates are available in each category.


For sheets of stationery, we recommend that all stationery is ordered through Printing Services due to the need for exact colors of the logo and design. We will not be offering stationery through Sprokit. However, we do have an envelope for invitations and notecards that can be found here. Invitations and Notecards can be found under the Flier section of Sprokit.

A7 envelope (used for invites and notecards)


5x7 (8 different Styles)


FLIER: 11X8.5
  • Directional Signs
  • Bookmarks
  • Certificate
  • Programs
FLIER: 8.5X11
  • Binder Cover
  • Directional Signs
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Fliers
  • Invites
  • Name Badges
  • Name Plates
  • Notecards
  • Table Tents
  • Directional Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Posters
  • Office Sign


There is currently one newsletter template available in Print Sprokit.

Approval Process

We are committed to responding to your projects as quickly as possible. Your project will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 24 hours of submitting your work to Print Sprokit. It is our goal to get your projects approved in a timely manner so you can meet your deadlines.

Future Templates

University Relations is working on developing additional templates, so check back often to see some of the new offerings. If you have an idea or request for a template you would like to see in Sprokit, contact Tricia Borcherding, Senior Graphic Designer at tborch@umflint.edu.