Add Your Student Voice

The UM-Flint story cannot be told without student voices. Through the UM-Flint Snapchat account, Students@UM-Flint blog, the university Instagram account, and @UMFlintStudents Twitter account, students can share their own, personal UM-Flint experiences with the world.

Are you ready to share your UM-Flint story in your own words, strengthen your written voice, and build your resume? Blog contributors are added by semester, and we choose new students to run our Twitter and Instagram accounts as often as weekly. 

Apply to Blog, Tweet, or Instagram

To apply as a student contributor, just email with your answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to add your voice to the UM-Flint student space?
  • Would you prefer to contribute to the Students@UM-Flint blog, tweet for @UMFlintStudents, or run Instagram for a week?
  • What clubs/groups are you involved in on campus?
  • What is your major/year?
  • Where can we find you online already? (Please share public accounts.)


Learn about life at the University of Michigan-Flint from students who are living it. Follow them on the blog, @UMFlintStudents on Twitter, or on the UM-Flint Instagram account.