Begin at the Beginning

As is the case with branding, marketing, and most other University Relations projects, web projects are fundamentally communication projects. Effective communication requires strategy. That means non-technical questions and considerations must be addressed before UM-Flint's team of web developers can "make" a website, app, or other communication solution.

The following process was designed to be effiecient, effective, and thorough—but only if we start at the beginning.

Web Project Workflow:

  1. Project briefing: meet with content providers/clients to determine audience, goals, deadline, specs, etc.
  2. Determine timeline: assign dates to benchmarks and final project deadline
  3. Gather content: text/images should be gathered by content providers before development begins
  4. Wireframes: presentation and approval
  5. Design static/prototype site
  6. Rounds of review, feedback, updates: set dates for when all review and production of new iterations must be complete in order to meet final deadlines
  7. Development plan: review with ITS and set dates for development completion and launch
  8. Create templates
  9. Integrate: templates into Drupal/web application
  10. Quality Assurance (QA): final sweep, double-check everything
  11. Deployment