About Business and Finance

UM-Flint - Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Engaging Minds, Preparing Leaders through Academic Excellence, Student Centeredness, and Engaged Citizenship


Our Mission

The University of Michigan-Flint is a comprehensive urban university of diverse learners and scholars committed to advancing our local and global communities.  In the University of Michigan tradition, we value excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship; student centeredness; and engaged citizenship.  Through personal attention and dedicated faculty and staff, our students become leaders and best in their fields, professions and communities. 


Business and Finance Core Mission

The responsibility of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance is to support the academic mission by:

  • Providing an environment and activities that are conducive to learning, teaching, research, service and other creative faculty and staff endeavors
  • Providing administrative support and services as well as effective and efficient management processes
  • Providing prudent and disciplined management of the University’s financial resources, seeking new resources whenever possible




Business and Finance Strategic Imperatives

In all of the services provided by the Business and Finance group in support of the University mission, we are guided by the following strategic imperatives:

  1. Strive to provide excellent customer service
  2. Allocate and develop University and Business and Finance fiscal resources
  3. Recruit, retain and develop excellent University employees
  4. Provide an inviting campus environment that encourages learning and teaching excellence and promotes positive interactions between students, faculty, staff and the community
  5. Improve administrative processes, efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Enhance our sense of community by increasing and valuing interactions between diverse populations while developing a strong sense of pride and ownership within the VCBF area
  7. Promote the University’s role in fulfilling the needs of the City, County and State, their citizens and economic institutions